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TBD Media Group proudly introduces ‘A Moment With,’ an engaging series now hosted on WELT. This dynamic show delves into the lives of visionary leaders and entrepreneurs, unraveling their paths to industry-shaping success.

Great leaders and entrepreneurs have historically disrupted industries through their brilliance and innovation. ‘A Moment With’ spotlights these luminaries, providing intimate interviews that reveal how their journeys have influenced their lives and achievements.

CEO Paolo Zanini states, “At TBD Media Group, we’re committed to capturing the essence of human accomplishments. ‘A Moment With’ aims to inspire, educate, and empower our audience.”

Viewers can anticipate thought-provoking discussions that unveil the wisdom and resilience propelling these luminaries to greatness. Each episode offers invaluable insights for aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.

Join us on this remarkable journey as TBD Media Group presents ‘A Moment With’ on WELT. Get ready to be motivated, inspired, and deeply moved by the stories of industry trailblazers.

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