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Terms of Use for The London News

These Terms of Use (henceforth referred to as “Terms”) constitute a binding agreement between you and The London News Limited. They set out the rules for your use of The London News websites, mobile applications, products, services, and content (collectively referred to as “Services”). For clarity’s sake, we’ve kept these concise, so please read on to understand your obligations and rights.

By engaging with The London News, you are accepting these Terms. If any part of these Terms isn’t to your liking, then you must refrain from using The London News. Failure to adhere to these Terms may result in a suspension or termination of your account.

Please note that these Terms can change. Significant changes will be communicated to you beforehand. By continuing to use The London News after such changes, you’re agreeing to the updated Terms. If you’re not in agreement, you should close your account prior to these changes taking effect.

These Terms are shaped by English law and are under the jurisdiction of English courts.

Age Requirements

The London News is strictly for individuals aged 13 and above. By using The London News, you’re confirming you’re at least 13 years old. Should we discover an account held by someone under 13, it will be terminated.

Rights and Obligations for Content

You retain the rights to the content you produce and share on The London News.

However, when you share content on The London News, you grant us a non-exclusive right to publish and use this content within our Services and other related activities. You also accept that we may use your content for promotional purposes. Rest assured, we won’t sell your content to third parties without clear permission.

While we encourage you to share and comment, you are accountable for what you post. This includes potential claims related to intellectual property or legal rights.

There are some posting guidelines:

  • Keep it respectful; no abusive or offensive material.
  • Stay on topic.
  • No sharing of personal data.
  • Protect minors.
  • No promotion or endorsement of illegal activities.
  • Avoid defamation.
  • Respect copyright laws and originality.
  • Post in English.
  • No unsafe links.
  • Follow UK election and referendum regulations.
  • Adhere to all our Terms.

If reposting content from elsewhere, ensure you have the rights to do so.

We reserve the right to remove content at our discretion. Also, if content has been previously removed, do not repost it.

You’re free to delete your posts or account at any time, though it might take a short while to process.

Services & Content

We may alter, discontinue, or limit access to any part of our Service without notice.

Your personal data will be treated as outlined in our Privacy Policy, which is integral to these Terms. Please acquaint yourself with our Privacy Policy.

Engaging in the following actions is strictly prohibited:

  1. Unauthorized access to our systems.
  2. Misusing our interfaces.
  3. Sending misleading information.
  4. Disrupting or sabotaging the Services in any form.

Rules & Policies

When using our Services, you’re also agreeing to our Privacy Policy, especially regarding data collection, storage, and transfer.

Any breach of our Rules and Policies may result in action against your account.


The London News Services are provided without any warranty; use them at your discretion. We won’t be held responsible for any issues that arise from your use of the Services, including technical breaches or unavailability.

Our failure to act on a breach of these Terms doesn’t waive our right to act on subsequent or similar breaches.

If a part of these Terms is deemed invalid, the rest remains effective.

All disputes relating to these Terms will be settled in English courts.

This agreement, inclusive of referenced documents, represents the entirety of the agreement between you and The London News concerning the Services.