• Wecandoo’s premium immersive artisan workshops invite the inquisitive and adventurous to explore the art of craftsmanship in their local area

  • Over 75 memorable workshops with skilled artisans to pick from, including mushroom-growing, textile-upcycling and leather-harness making

  • Currently available all over London and ranging from £25.00 – £250.00


August 2023, London: Leading European artisan workshop community, Wecandoo, which offers a wide range of immersive workshops to connect consumers with local craftsmanship and empower artisans to share their know-how, has arrived in the UK.


Finding immediate success in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, Wecandoo specialises in curating unforgettable experiences between curious consumers and skilled craft experts where the artistry and heritage of handmade craftsmanship is shared and taught.


The immersive craft classes are the perfect opportunity for those wanting to learn a new skill and create their own handcrafted product with guidance from a passionate artisan in their own studio or workshop. With 75 workshops available and 40 local artisans onboard – expected to grow to 200 workshops and 100 artisans by the end of the year – Wecandoo’s growing craft community are expertly vetted to create unforgettable experiences for curious learners and passionate full-time artisans who are eager to share their know-how. 


Whether you’re hoping to acquire a new skill or hobby, wanting to connect with your neighbourhood’s creative community, or are in the market for a handmade artisanal item made by your very self, Wecandoo has a range of workshops for everyone, which are regularly changed up to reflect the magic of each season. Current examples include:


  • For the sustainable style icons… Learn how to upcycle: Breathe life into your old clothes and learn to upcycle with Nadia, a London-based fashion designer who has a passion for slow fashion techniques and zero-stock, zero-waste production. (Isle of Dogs, £55pp, 3 hours


  • For the plant parents… Bonsai terrarium making: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of terrariums and take home your own handmade green oasis, plus tips from expert plant carers Katie and Lucas. (Tottenham, £60pp, 2 hours)


  • For the dog lovers… Craft a personalised leather collar: Discover the art of leatherwork and create a unique collar for your furry companion. Learn how to use stamps, needles and polishing tools to create the finest accessory for your pup. (Deptford, £75pp, 2.5 hours)


  • For the floral fans… Dried flower workshops: Learn the art of flower arranging with a talented London florist in their light and serene studio, sipping on a glass of Prosecco whilst creating your own stunning dried flower bouquet that will last a lifetime. (Hackney, £65pp, 1.5 hours


With a passion for preserving local craftsmanship and empowering artisans to celebrate their craft, Wecandoo invests customer sales in their content creation, manages customer service enquiries, and handles their insurance, so artisans can focus on honing their skills. Bridging the gap between makers and the public, Wecandoo is the new way for consumers to honour British craftsmanship and positively and sustainably impact London’s local artisan community. 


Wecandoo only offers the best quality workshops delivered by those with a true passion and desire to share knowledge, unlike other booking platforms. All artisans are chosen for their expertise, having over two years of experience in their field, plus it being their main professional activity. Workshops take place within the artisan’s own studio, offering a truly immersive experience in the daily life of a professional artisan. 


Edouard Eyglunent, co-founder of Wecandoo, said: “Wecandoo was launched in Paris in 2017, with the aim of bringing extraordinary craftsmanship to consumers via accessible, immersive workshops. Over the past two years, the craft industry has boomed, with social media platforms such as TikTok contributing to the rise in educational arts content and spotlighting independent, local artisans. We’re excited to launch Wecandoo in London, one of the world’s biggest creative hubs, and offer unique workshops and experiences to those who are passionate about handmade craftsmanship. With plans to collaborate with more talented artisans, making the inaccessible accessible for the public, we look forward to extending our network of artisans and offering more bespoke experiences on Wecandoo”. 


Prices start at £25.00 for a Scandinavian spirit-tasting workshop, and right up to £250.00 to handcraft your own leather backpack, so there’s something for every budget.Check out for the most up-to-date list of workshops available. 

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