Over the Moo Launches A New Bite-sized Slant on the Humble Choc Ice With Sublime Plantbased Treats

It’s a curious truth that within the UK’ vast take-home ice cream arena (£1.4bn), plant-based only represents a miserly 4-5% of total ice cream sales, even though 12% of all last year’s innovation was focused on no-dairy ice cream offerings.

In truth, until the Over the Moo appeared on the UK’s bite-sized ice cream horizon, plantbased offerings were viewed for the most part with suspicion because historically non-dairy offerings fell short when it came to replicating dairy’s unique mouthfeel & texture.

Over the Moo 8 chunk ‘sharing bags’ come in a Timeless Vanilla and an indulgent caramel

Over the Moo, in its original tub incarnation, was born in Australia (2015) when lactose intolerant ice cream aficionado, Alexander Houseman became disillusioned by all the sub-standard dairy-free ice cream he’d tried.  Fast forward a few years and Brit Simon Goodman saw Alex on Australia’s equivalent of Dragon’s Den and knew he’d found the base product for his dairy-free, mini bites choc ice concept.

Having worked on choc ice concepts from an agency perspective in his youth, Simon was convinced that this nostalgic ice cream treat had historically missed a beat by always settling for sub-standard ice cream and instantly forgettable dark chocolate coatings.

‘My priority,’ insists Simon, ‘Unlike so many other of my peers was never to prioritize low calorie.  My commitment has always been to bitesized, ‘sharing bags’ of guilt-free coconut milk ice cream. That said, at less than 30 calories a bite, Over the Moo is building an enviable reputation as the perfect pass around permissible treat that’s ideally suited to family nights in or a friends and family reunion.’

Having secured strong Summer wins in Mighty Plants, CLF and GoPuff in addition to exporting to UAE (Kibsons), Over the Moo is now well-placed to take its bite-sized treats to the major mults, food halls, healthier living wholesalers and foodservice.

‘Clearly brands like Little Moons have blazed a trail for bite-sized chunks of great tasting ice cream however Over the Moo’s reinvention of the humble choc ice that brings great taste, sustainable thinking and superior ingredients together in 8 tasty chunks is something deliciously distinct.’

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