New Public Relations Firm Brass Tacks Media Launches in The United Kingdom to Help US Clients Reach International Audiences

Launched in partnership with US-based The Abbi Agency, Brass Tacks Media offers public relations, social media and content marketing for travel, lifestyle and technology brands.

Brass Tacks Media, a public relations firm focused on a deep understanding of UK consumers and media, including their values, passions and beliefs, has officially launched in Birmingham.

The new agency operates in close alliance with its sister firm The Abbi Agency, an award-winning integrated marketing agency in the United States. The two firms will share resources and expertise to further expand services into US and UK markets.

“After working at The Abbi Agency and growing our list of US clients that wanted an international presence, we knew opening Brass Tacks Media in the UK with a team on the ground was the right next step,” said Lydia Eason, co-founder and managing director of Brass Tacks Media. “The Abbi Agency is well-known for its understanding of American consumers and media. Together, we open the door to effective media presence on both sides of the Atlantic.”

The Abbi Agency, having established its presence in the UK over the past five years, brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to the partnership, enhancing the international support and services available to existing clients. The combined efforts of Brass Tacks Media and The Abbi Agency signify a modern approach to integrating earned and owned media, leveraging over 20 different technology platforms to drive strategic conversations and help brands stand out in today’s crowded media landscape.

Founded by Abbi and Ty Whitaker in 2008, The Abbi Agency has established a strong portfolio of clients in the travel, lifestyle, and technology sectors. Abbi Whitaker, originally from the West Midlands, maintains close professional connections within the UK, further solidifying the partnership.

“Earned media is often the first impression any customer will have with an organisation,” said Abbi Whitaker, president and CEO of The Abbi Agency. “What is written about a company will define the perception of it — both on and offline. It’s important to work with an agency that understands a product’s positioning in both the US and UK markets in order to develop a strong point of view and enable that product to influence the conversation long term.”

Brass Tacks Media, in strategic partnership with The Abbi Agency, will leverage local insights and global expertise to provide innovative public relations, social media and content marketing for the travel, lifestyle, and technology sectors in both the UK and the US.

Featured Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash.

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