As COP28 Ends, Ways for Industry & Sustainability to Exist in Harmony Rather Than Discord Are Established

As this year’s United Nations Climate Conference draws to a close, it is clear that businesses are committed to action, not just words. Acumen has documented this ongoing and proposed action as part of its exclusive COP28 interview series with business leaders and industry trailblazers.

COP28, held at the heart of technological innovation in Expo City, Dubai, showcases a world where technology and sustainability go hand in hand rather than standing in oxymoronic relation. Between 30th November and 12th December, matters surrounding climate finance, public health and the inclusion of marginalised groups in climate action were discussed at the summit. These issues dominated discourse more than ever since 2023 marked the warmest year on record.

Although institutions, policymakers and entrepreneurs are united in their anxieties over the world’s future, Acumen’s conversations with business leaders mitigate these concerns in their revelations about potential solutions and emission reduction projections. By recording these plans, the cumulative action that will hopefully delay the rise in global temperature is cemented whilst global corporations are held accountable.

Since global temperatures have surged over the past year, the monthly global average surpassing 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, climate action has become more pressing than ever. The necessity for urgent action was expressed by the trailblazers being interviewed in the COP28 series. Ultimately, it is in the hands of CEO’s and leaders, those with the capacity to make fundamental business decisions to change the world’s future.

Business leaders interviewed by Acumen have highlighted that they are investing in renewable energy sources rather than fossil fuels. Sectors ranging from aviation to fashion have committed to sustainability, utilising sustainable resources to craft their products. In addition, these corporations promote inclusion within their workplaces to foster a collaborative environment where solutions become viable and productive. Participants in the series pave the way for other corporations to follow in their footsteps.

Despite the controversy surrounding Al-Jaber’s personal ties to the UAE state-owned oil company, institutional funds combined with the sustainable decisions of individual CEO’s pave the way for a brighter future.

By COP29, it is hoped that emissions will have reduced and the global temperature will not continue to rise at the levels it has done. With COP28 ending on a critical 5-year cycle for climate action and solutions actively being implemented by Acumen Stories interviewees, we can look optimistically towards the future.

Featured Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash.

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