Kaytea Drinks experienced a significant growth in its reach this Summer with a raft of NEW prestige listings including: Zapp, Spinneys (UAE) Deliveroo and most recently a WH Smith’s trial; significant wins that build on their incumbent heavyweight alliances: M&S, Sainsbury’s, Abel & Cole and Partridges.

If that wasn’t pleasing enough, Kaytea is also gaining real traction across high profile City head offices like WeWork, Netflix, Bloomberg and Google, who are being drawn to the brand’s clean deck (organic) credentials at a time when heavy-handed sweeteners like aspartame are dominating the headlines.

According to Kaytea founder, Kevin Tang, ‘Iced teas have been growing in popularity for some while now, fuelled by the growth of its Iced Coffee (e.g. Jimmys) and influential retail outlets like Costa & Starbucks championing new age bubble teas… part of a longer-term strategy by the hot beverage community to reboot tea’s fortunes by appealing to a younger, more inquisitive audience.’ 

The arrival of a NEW White Peach (June 23) and an improved Sparkling Rosay (July), in addition to the whole range moving from glass to slimline 330ml cans whilst securing fairtrade status, means Kaytea Drinks is perfectly placed to be part of a new generation of all-natural, low-calorie soft drinks that focus squarely on clean-deck hydration.

‘Yes, we are very aware of a growing curiosity for so-called functional drinks and if we chose it would be the easiest thing in the world to add sachets of lab-made vitamins & minerals to claim some short-term arbitrary benefits, AND YET we feel such a move feels both uncomfortable and counter-intuitive for a brand that’s so proud of its organic (100% transparency) credentials.’

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