UK’s Seven Most Popular Cherry Blossom Locations


Swindon Town Garden Park – 26,750 Searches 

Swindon’s Town Gardens are a classic Victorian-style park right in the centre of town, which naturally form a focal part of the Wiltshire town’s local community in good weather.

The secluded park feels cut off from the surrounding roads and buildings by a well designed canopy of trees. Even more importantly for blossom hunters, the cherry trees allow for a full Japanese Sakura picnic experience. Planted in a way that families and groups can sit below the canopy and enjoy. For those more interested in capturing the trees on film, the Victorian bandstand acts as a unique backdrop to the vibrant pink.

Greenwich Park London – 12,840 Searches 

Widely regarded as having one of the UK’s best collections of cherry blossoms, every spring Greenwich Park becomes a hotspot for blossom fans. Take a stroll beyond the cricket pitch, and you’ll come across a long walkway bordered by the trees, leading directly to a lovely Georgian villa.

Due to the way they are planted when the cherry trees bloom, they form a beautiful archway of pink blossoms. Get there early before the crowds, and there will be crowds, to capture the perfect photos.

Wavertree Botanic Gardens 3,940 Searches

Wavertree Park and Botanic Gardens, was originally a private walled botanic garden that became a public space during the mid-19th century.

Over time, the park has undergone extensions and changes but remains a hidden gem in the area for those looking to escape the city for some fresh air. The park’s impressive collection of cherry trees usually spring into bloom later than other UK locations, often around mid April, but it is fair to say they are worth the wait.

The Stray, Harrogate – 3,340 Searches

The Stray in Harrogate covers 200 acres of lush grass parkland, enveloping the southern half of the town centre and acting as a green haven for the public. Come springtime, it graces the town with one of the popular cherry blossom displays in Yorkshire, with its avenue of pink blossom coincidentally bored as one of the UK’s best. Another late blooming spot, visitors are often left waiting to see when the pink petals will arrive.

Peasholm Park Scarborough – 2,570 Searches 

Peasholm Park, opened in 1912 is a grade II listed oriental themed park. Not far from the famous Scarborough seafront, the park features an artificial boating lake, which includes an island with a waterfall, and intricate Japanese pagoda as well as an arched bridge based on the famous blue willow tea sets.

As you would expect the park house is perhaps one of the country’s most photographed cherry blossom trees, which looms over the article lake creating a magical scene much loved by both photographers and landscape artists. .

Chester Roman Gardens – 1,620 Searches 

Chester’s Roman Gardens, perhaps misleadingly, date back to the 19050s, not quite Roman times.

This public park displays a collection of building fragments from the old roman city of Deva which once stood where Chester now does. The gardens are also overlooked by the imposing Chester city walls.

Come spring the present and the past clash delightfully as one end of the garden becomes candyfloss pink due to several Japanese cherry clossom trees. This vibrant canopy provides a stark contrast to the grey backdrop of the mediaeval city walls. Easily one of the UK’s more interesting cherry blossom locations. Climb the walls themselves to capture a unique angle and up close pictures of the blossom.

The Bridgewater Canal, Castleford Manchester – 1,130 Searches

Probably Manchester’s most famous cherry blossoms decorate a canalside rather than a park, meaning they are less good for picnics, but perhaps a far better backdrop for photos.

The Bridgewater Canal in Castlefield is photogenic at the best of times, but perhaps never more than when the famous blossoms are in bloom, adding an unexpected splash of colour, clashing against the industrial red brick Manchester scene.

There is little more picturesque than cherry blossoms overlooking the water, especially if you can capture their reflection.

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