Top 10 most haunted universities in the UK!

The top 10 most haunted universities in the UK 




spooky score (/10)

= 1 The University of Liverpool


= 1 The University of Bath


3 Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln


4 The University of Kent


5 The University of York


6 The University of Exeter


7 Liverpool John Moores University


8 The Queen’s University of Belfast


9 The University of Strathclyde


10 Oxford Brookes University


The final spooky score was determined based on the percentage rank of all variables: the number of cemeteries, gravestones, demolished buildings and paranormal reports within 2 miles of each university campus. 

The Knowledge Academy can reveal that two universities are in joint first place, ranking as the most haunted universities in the UK. 

The University of Liverpool ranks as the most haunted university in the UK in 2023, with a terrifying spooky score of 8.28/10. Founded in 1884, the historic university has a whopping 275,108 gravestones within 2 miles scoring 9.65/10 in this regard.

In joint first place is The University of Bath. With frightening scores for multiple factors including the number of listed buildings (9.38/10) and gravestones (8.92/10), it’s no surprise that it ranks as one of the UK’s most haunted.

Ranking third is Bishop Grosseteste University in the city of Lincoln. Achieving a final spooky score of 8.16/10, the university is one of the oldest among all 64 universities analysed.

In fourth place is The University of Kent, obtaining a final spooky score of 8.00/10. 33 paranormal reports have been recorded within two miles from the campus, giving the university a score of 9.54/10 in this criteria.

Despite only ranking in fifth place in the final spooky score (7.98/10), The University of York has the second highest number of paranormal reports as well as the number of cemeteries within 2 miles from the campus. Data shows that 50 paranormal incidents have been reported within 2 miles – merely 10 fewer than The University of Exeter.

Featured Photo by Darya Tryfanava on Unsplash.

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