Tokyo via the Elizabeth line? Mapped tube lines as holiday destinations from Paris Hilton-backed travel app

Tube Lines as Holiday Destinations

Bakerloo Line – Rome, Italy – Ancient history, a bit of that ‘stuffy’ charm in old libraries and museums, and plenty of brown café interiors. Visit the Colosseum, embracing the ancient gladiator history that’s as old-school as the Bakerloo Line itself. Pop to the Vatican Museums, where history and art collide, much like the diverse stops along the Bakerloo Line.

Elizabeth Line – Tokyo, Japan – It’s like the Elizabeth Line’s international cousin – sleek, modern, and fast-paced with a touch of luxury. Relax at a high-end onsen for a clean, rejuvenating experience, then enjoy the greenery at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Explore the fast-paced Akihabara, the hub of electronics and pop culture, which will give you the same ‘rush’ you get from commuting from Heathrow to Paddington in 15 minutes.

Central Line – Hong Kong – It’s got that red vibe with the iconic Star Ferry and neon signs, plus it’s humid, crowded, and totally non-stop. Take the Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak for breathtaking views and a bit of that commuter crush. Enjoy a Symphony of Lights cruise in Victoria Harbour, because who doesn’t love a bit of colour? The Central line certainly does.

District Line – Ireland – It’s green, has its own charm with a hint of unpredictability, and stretches rich history with modern vibes. Visit the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland’s natural wonder, and breathe in the fresh, green air. Take a leisurely walk in the Wicklow Mountains, Ireland’s answer to Wimbledon’s green expanses. Sample some local craft beers in a Cork brewery, because sometimes the best things come to those who wait (like the District line).

Circle Line – Paris, France – Much like the circle line, the city is practically a circle with its arrondissements, and it’s the epitome of trendy and posh. Stroll through the posh streets of the 8th arrondissement, home to the Champs-Elysees and luxury boutiques. It’s the Parisian equivalent to the Circle line’s Kensington. Take a dinner cruise on the Seine, because just like the Circle line, it loops around the most stunning parts of the city.

Hammersmith & City – Los Angeles, USA – It’s got the pink sunsets and the yellow sunshine. Plus, LA’s eclectic neighbourhoods are like the line’s diverse stops. You can even find yourself randomly stopping in traffic, much like those tunnel pauses. The LA Metro Rail, especially during peak hours, is commuter central, whilst the drive from Malibu to Downtown LA will be reminiscent of the long journeys through all of the city’s key spots.

Overground – San Francisco, USA – Like the London Overground’s long-lost sibling, it’s got the edgy, hipster vibe with a side of sophistication. Take a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge on a sunny day. It’s like being on the top deck of a double-decker bus but with way better views. The bridge itself is an iconic shade of orange, and you’ll find pops of this vibrant colour in the city’s sunsets and street art. Much like the variety that the Overground provides (trip from Hackney to Richmond, anyone?), start in the Mission District for its trendy vibes and then head over to the Marina District for a taste of the posh life.

Jubilee Line – Athens, Greece – After the Jubilee Line’s moment in the sun – taking thousands of spectators from all over the world to the 2012 Olympics – the line has let a few other, newer lines take the limelight. But that doesn’t mean it’s down and out – no, this line, rich with history, and pacey at that – is much like the historical city of Athens. Athens played host to the Panathenaic Stadium – where the first modern Olympics took place, all the way in 1896 (ring any bells?). Soak up the culture at the Parthenon, and reflect on what vital deals might have been struck over flagons of wine in the neighbourhood of Plaka – much like the bustling City stops the Jubilee line runs through.

Northern Line – Edinburgh, Scotland – Taking you from quiet charm to the heart of the action, and hailing from way up North – Edinburgh and the Northern Line could be distant twins. The Northern line may be known for its relentless screeching, but I won’t mention Edinburgh’s bagpipes, and instead will suggest – much like the hustle and bustle of Leicester Square, see if you can visit during the annual Fringe festival, where throngs of people gather to celebrate all things culture.

Victoria Line – Stockholm, Sweden – Stockholm, Sweden is the Highbury & Islington of Scandinavia. Stockholm’s metro is literally an art exhibit – much like the tiled artwork in Victoria Line stations – with Stockholm’s stations featuring their own incredible murals and sculptures. (Jinx.) Plus, the city’s blue waters and Sweden’s blue flag, mirror the Victoria line’s famous approachable blue. What’s not to love?

Metropolitan Line – Kyoto, Japan – Kyoto hosts a seamless blend of urban sophistication and rural, out-of-town beauty, with temples and gardens that feel worlds away from the modern city. Much like the Metropolitan Line transporting wide-eyed commuters into London’s bustling centre, Kyoto combines a refined metropolitan core, with the rustic charms of the countryside. You’ll have no problem commuting to the centre to experience Kyoto’s culinary delights with a kaiseki dinner, a traditional multi-course Japanese meal, in a ryokan or a local restaurant.

Piccadilly Line – Dubai, UAE – Dubai is like the Piccadilly Line turned up to eleven—glitzy, glam, and unapologetically luxe. Jet-set into Dubai (much like jumping on the Piccadilly from Heathrow…), and then kick off your Dubai experience with a visit to the Burj Khalifa’s observation deck for breathtaking views. Then, indulge in a luxurious brunch at one of the high-end hotels – with a quality of life that Green Park locals may find familiar…

Waterloo & City Line – Zurich, Switzerland – Oh, the thrill of the Waterloo & City Line – said no one ever. But hey, if the more minimalist, clean vibe speaks to you, how about a trip to Zurich? It’s like the Waterloo & City line in city form – efficient, clean, and with a banking prowess that rivals the Waterloo & City Line’s two big city roots. Plus, you can spice it up with some chocolate and fondue. Zurich, that is – not the tube.

DLR – Rotterdam, Amsterdam – If you’re a fan of the offbeat, underdog nature of the DLR, take a trip to Rotterdam. Amsterdam’s little cousin, Rotterdam has a whole lot of quirky charm going for it. The architecture is futuristic, there’s water everywhere (Isle of Dogs, anyone?) and it has a cool, industrial vibe. Those wanting that DLR-esque view can head for Rotterdam’s trams and ferries.

The Tram – Melbourne, Australia – A fan of the tram? Head to Melbourne – home to the world’s largest tram network, with a laid-back yet vibrant vibe. All this served up with a healthy side of Aussie charm. Much like your barista might tell you over a flat white: take your time, mate – there’s no rush!

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