These celebrities have something refreshing in common

What do all these celebrities have in common?

If you look closely, you’ll notice that each of them is sipping on a DASH Water.

But what’s so special about this drink that is seemingly taking the celebrity scene by storm?

Made from three simple ingredients – British spring water, wonky fruit (the ones that would have otherwise been rejected by supermarkets) and bubbles – DASH Water has become the go-to drink for individuals looking to hydrate both healthily and sustainably.

With more celebrities going sober than ever before, DASH Water has reigned supreme as a delicious alternative to alcohol, with the added bonus of containing no calories, sugar or sweeteners.

The drink has made a particular splash in the Beckham household which is known to always be fully stocked with DASH Water’s Raspberry flavour. Victoria loves the brand so much that she recently called upon DASH Water to develop bespoke ‘POSH Water’ cans for her AW24 Paris Fashion Show event.

Commenting on the drink’s celebrity status, Jack Scott, Co-founder of DASH Water, says: 

“With sugar and sweeteners continuing to make headlines for the wrong reasons (and rightly so), it’s refreshing to see celebrities endorsing healthy products and setting a good example to their fans.

“DASH Water is at the forefront of a new wave of healthy soft drinks and we’ve made it our mission to educate consumers about the dangers of consuming sugar and artificial sweeteners. Seeing celebrities drinking DASH Water is a huge leap forward for us. Their influence is enormous and we hope that many people follow their lead and swap out excessively sugar and sweetener-filled drinks for DASH Water, a genuinely delicious and healthy alternative.”

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