Introducing Phonely With CallGuard: A Revolutionary Solution Safeguarding Older Adults and the Vulnerable Against Phone Scams 

In light of the alarming surge in phone scams targeting older adults and vulnerable individuals, Phonely with CallGuard emerges as a pioneering solution prioritising consumer protection. Phonely is proud to announce its official launch, providing a secure transition to digital communication through its innovative VoIP home phone service.

Key Features of Phonely’s CallGuard

Phonely’s CallGuard is equipped with a suite of powerful features aimed at proactively defending users against potential scammers including anti-fraud introduction, call recording and transcription and auto-blocking of suspicious numbers.

Empowering Users with Advanced Security

Phonely with CallGuard goes beyond conventional security measures by enabling users to nominate a Trusted Person for an additional layer of protection. A nominated Trusted Person will have access to an advanced app, allowing them to receive notifications when common scam phrases, such as ‘computer virus,’ ‘bank details,’ or ‘money transfer,’ are mentioned, as well as if a user’s phone becomes offline due to a power outage. Additionally, the Trusted Person can join the user’s call if assistance is required.

Age UK’s alarming statistic reveals that individuals defrauded in their homes are 2.5 times more likely to either die or go into residential care within a year. Phonely with CallGuard aims to mitigate this risk, providing a comprehensive solution to home phone security.

About Phonely 

Phonely is a leading provider of secure VoIP home phone services, dedicated to safeguarding consumers from phone scams and fraudulent activities. With a commitment to customer protection and satisfaction, Phonely offers a reliable platform for digital communication, empowering individuals to stay connected with confidence.

Featured Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash.

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