The Sweet and Sour of Wonka: A Chocolate Lover’s Perspective

With the release of the new “Wonka” film, audiences have been treated to a delightful dose of whimsy and wonder. Its vibrant colours, enchanting music, and a storyline that whisks us away to a world of pure imagination serve as a much-needed uplifting tonic for our present-day realities. Yet, as a lover of chocolate and an advocate for its benefits, I couldn’t help but notice an underlying narrative that left a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Now, before I go any further, let me preface this by saying that I am aware my observations might paint me as a killjoy to some. After all, it’s only a movie, right? Before I say anything. I LOVED the film and in no way am I berating its content or intent. However, I believe it’s worth discussing the portrayal of chocolate in “Wonka” and the inadvertent message it sends to its audience.”us”

In its fantastical charm, the film showcases an exaggerated scenario where indulging in chocolate daily results in weight gain of 150lbs in just two weeks. While clearly hyperbolic and played for laughs, it does reinforce a long-standing stereotype: chocolate as a guilty pleasure, an indulgence that should be enjoyed sparingly for fear of expanding waistlines.

This portrayal, though seemingly harmless within the context of the movie, echoes a common misconception about chocolate in our society. It casts chocolate in the role of a dietary villain 📛, ignoring the fact that when consumed responsibly, chocolate can be part of a balanced diet.

We must remember that not all chocolates are created equal. The processed, sugar-heavy chocolate bars often vilified in popular culture are far removed from their healthier counterparts, like dark chocolate (80Noir 😉 ). High-quality dark chocolate, for instance, is lauded for its health benefits, including its antioxidant properties, potential to improve heart health, and its mood-boosting qualities.

The “Wonka” film, while a delightful work of fantasy, misses out on providing this context. While it’s not expected to serve as a nutritional guide, it’s undeniable that media portrayals, even those rooted in fantasy, do influence public perception.

So, whilst I found “Wonka” to be a brilliant get away from the norm of everyday life, there is a part of me that believes it’s essential to view its portrayal of chocolate as part of its fantastical narrative, not as a reality.

As we reach for that next piece of chocolate, let’s remember that it’s not about guilt or indulgence. It’s about balance, quality, and mindful consumption. And perhaps, that’s a message for a future “Wonka” film – a chocolate factory that creates magical, delicious, and health-positive chocolate that everyone can savour without an ounce of guilt. Now, I would love to be part of that! 🍫❤️

In the meantime, if you want to enjoy the decadence of dark chocolate, then head over to and let your chocolate wellbeing journey commence.

By Carole Armitage

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