Comedian’s £120k Valentine’s parties

Live at the Apollo comedian, Luisa Omielan, has spent over £120k on organising a Valentine’s party every year since 2012 for single women to celebrate themselves and have fun.

Feminist Luisa, 41, feels so passionately that everyone deserves a great night out on Valentine’s Day – if they have a date or not – that she has taken out a £10k bank loan ever year to put on an epic “girls and gays” night.

Luisa said: “Over the years it has cost me so much money to put on this event. I spend the whole loan and it seldom turns a profit from ticket sales but it is a labour of love and my favourite event of the year.

“I invite women and the gay community to come and celebrate yourself if you are single – no one is sitting at home feeling like a sad sack on Valentine’s when I’m around.

“Over the years I have prepped every event myself with support from friends and family. This year we’ll be at The Clapham Grand at 7.30pm.”

Now Luisa is preparing for this year’s bash in London on February 14th where guests will be treated to a glass of prosecco, a set from her latest tour Bitter and a two hour dance party afterwards.

Luisa said: “I love my annual Valentines Parties; they became a staple in mine and so many people’s calendars for over ten years and is one of my proudest career achievements.

“To create a fun, safe, comedy space for women and people from the LGBTQ community to feel celebrated.

“We went from selling out 150 seaters in London, and together, grew it to filling out a 1000 capacity venue. We have had Circus themes, women you should know from history themes, Fairy tale themes ballgowns and trainers them and even a lockdown in my living room theme.

“Every year I set up the room with my best mate Pas. At Midday, blowing up balloons, prepping the merch table and decorating the toilets. Every year I invest and spend a lot of money on making it super special.

“This year will be slightly scaled back with the cost of living but no less fun. Tickets are very limited, we are keeping it cosy. I hope you can join me.”

After Valentine’s Luisa’s Bitter tour will continue with gigs scheduled all over the UK.

She added: “Bitter is a show about disillusionment with the current state of the world. And how working hard and doing the right thing no longer seems to cut it.

“Anyone who is in power, seems to be either a self serving, egotistical maniac, or has the moral backbone of a flaccid wet fish.

“Following the rules hasn’t worked, I’ve tried. The game just feels rigged but you can’t say that. Just smile they say, write a gratitude journal and manifest.

“Am I Bitter? Of course I am. Are you Angry? You should be.”

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