The Natalie Kate Moss Trust partners with Indaba Yoga

Let us together create waves of change through the practice of yoga and our collective generosity


The Natalie Kate Moss Trust will be partnering with Indaba Yoga from this October 13th hosting a weekly Friday evening Elemental flow class at their central London studio.

The Elemental Flow class which take place every Friday at 6:00 pm is a class where yoga merges with purpose. Elemental Flow is a multi sensory yoga trip inspired by the elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space. Drawing from all aspects of yoga with playful nods to Tai chi, each session compromises of 60 minutes of dynamic vinyasa before flowing into 15 minutes of nourishing yin. Whether you’re here to challenge and fortify yourself physically or reconnect and ground emotionally, Elemental Flow offers lessons from nature to help you come back to your true nature. Each session will focus on a specific element.

Didem Tekin of Indaba Yoga commented, “We are proud to announce our partnership with NKMT in our shared mission to raise awareness and funds for brain haemorrhages. At Indaba, we fervently believe in the profound benefits of yoga and its transformative power when you feel your best.  Our name, ‘Indaba,’ derived from an ancient African term meaning ‘gathering,’ signifies our dedication to uniting people.”

Before or after the Elemental Flow class, participants will have the opportunity to make a tangible impact by donating directly to the Trust, facilitated by the convenient QR code located in the Indaba reception area.

“Together, we can drive positive change and contribute significantly to brain haemorrhage care. Join us on this journey as we embody the essence of Indaba, where ancient traditions harmonise with modern purpose,” commented Didem.

High blood pressure is the biggest cause of lifestyle related brain haemorrhages (Stroke UK) and on average a third of people have high blood pressure but 50% of those people don’t know they have high blood pressure.

Moss Trust through their ongoing CHECK YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE CAMPAIGN is encouraging people to take control of their own health by knowing their blood pressure and managing it accordingly to help prevent, potentially preventable, brain haemorrhages. High blood pressure can be controlled by managing certain aspects of your lifestyle such as stress, diet and not eating too much salt, engaging in exercise, managing your weight, ensuring you get enough sleep, not smoking and managing your alcohol intake.

Charity Director Fiona Moss commented “As a charity, our mission is to prevent lives ending far too soon from brain haemorrhage. We know that high blood pressure is the leading cause of lifestyle related brain haemorrhages and therefore a big part of our mission is, what we call, ‘Preventing the Preventable’; encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle to prevent high blood pressure and ultimately prevent a brain haemorrhage. By working with incredible companies such as Indaba, who are aligned with our mission, we hope to not only share our message but beat the drum of the importance of healthy habits on blood pressure, ultimately creating a positive ripple effect through our society all with the aim of reducing the number of lives lost far too soon from brain haemorrhage”.

Featured Photo by kike vega on Unsplash.

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