The COP28 Leadership Interviews: The Time to Refocus on Climate Targets Is Now

Rethink, reboot and refocus. The welcome message for COP28 is clear in its belief that it is time to recommit to the targets that will look to limit global warming by 2030. The need to continue building a consensus around how the global community will tackle the biggest existential threat to humanity has never been more pressing.

Multinational video production company, TBD Media Group, is excited to announce the launch of its COP28 interview series. The campaign will highlight the important sustainability work being done by countless business leaders across the globe.

The interview series will provide valuable insight into how the private sector is helping to drive the environmental change that is needed in the world today.

TBD Media Group understands the importance of leaders sharing their ideas and differing approaches to how they are helping tackle the myriad challenges presented by the climate emergency. The series will provide the opportunity to touch upon how and why individuals and the organisations they lead are helping to shape the response of the business community.

“Highlighting the work being done by the business community to tackle climate change has been integral to the work of TBD Media Group for a number of years,” said TBD Media Group’s CEO, Paolo Zanini. “To attend an event like COP28 and be able to interview many of the attendees provides the opportunity to directly shine a light on how business leaders will collaborate to help create a better future for the planet.”

Featured Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

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