Digital Distiller launches specialist English Whisky and Gin Subscription Services

A new range of whisky and gin subscriptions aimed at premium spirit drinkers offers subscribers the opportunity to co-create new drinks brands

Digital Distiller, a new online retailer focused on premium English Spirits has launched a range of specialist spirits subscription services together with an online shop selling a broad range of English Whiskies, Gins and Rums.

In addition to the spirits subscriptions and the online shop, Digital Distiller also provides a unique opportunity for the community to co-create several new drink brands each year. A proprietary online platform serves as a hub where members can share ideas and collaborate together on concepts. Artificial Intelligence tools have been incorporated to assist with the creative process.

English Whisky, in particular, has seen a remarkable rise in just a few years. The number of distilleries in England has increased tenfold in the past decade, and the quality of English whisky is now recognised as being among the best in the world. English whisky distillers are renowned for their experimentation and creativity, and are even winning top awards such as The World’s Best Malt Whisky (The Lakes Distillery, 2022).1

There are now nearly 50 whisky distilleries in production across England, from Penzance to Durham, with over £1bn of whisky maturing in cask.2 Of that 50, nearly half are due to release new whiskies over the next 3-5 years.

“We are excited to be partnering with distilleries across the country to support and champion the growing English premium spirits scene, and in particular the burgeoning English whisky market”, says Alex Murray, founder of Digital Distiller.

Digital Distiller’s English Whisky subscription service offers the perfect opportunity to explore the ever growing range. Subscribers can choose to receive a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly subscription starting at just £54 per month for a hand-selected bottle of premium English Whisky. The English Gin Subscription starts at just £36 per month.

Digital Distiller’s shop sells a broad range of English whisky and gin, as well as other English spirits such as rum, vodka, and liqueurs. The shop features a wide selection of spirits from English distilleries, both large and small.

Murray adds: “English Whisky and Gin continue to provide outstanding taste experiences for UK consumers, and I believe that they are some of the best spirits in the world. We founded Digital Distiller to make it easy to discover these amazing spirits. Our specialist subscription services and online shop are designed to help customers explore the world of English Whisky and Gin, and to find the perfect match for their tastes.”

“Our vision is to build a vibrant community of spirits enthusiasts with easy access to exceptional English spirits, while actively involving them in the creation and success of new drink concepts.”

Digital Distiller was founded by Alex Murray who has previously held senior ecommerce roles at Berry Bros. & Rudd, Waitrose and Lidl.

Featured Photo by Adam Jaime on Unsplash.

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