The Bidet Entrepreneur Trying to Convince Brits to Ditch the Loo Roll This Christmas

Is toilet paper a bum deal for our environment? Would you be offended by a bidet as a present this Christmas?

“Our goal is to educate and make bidet use more accessible to everyone, contributing to a greener healthier future for bums and environments” says Chakow founder Bikke Chettri. “One bum at a time” adds wife Kelsang Shakya.


We use a lot of loo roll over Christmas
It can be bad for our environment
There are alternatives to loo roll available

Loo Roll Facts:

People use the toilet about 5 times a day
The average person is said to use nearly 7 sheets per wipe
An average family of four can finish a regular roll of 150 sheets in a day which is 7 rolls per week, 28 rolls a month, 336 rolls a year
Toilet paper use goes up significantly at Christmas!
There is direct correlation between the public mood and loo roll availability during pandemics!
Toilet paper is relatively cheap so people don’t think about the over-use and waste

Poo-poo to Toilet Paper?

A study found that all toilet paper from across the globe contains toxic “forever chemicals”
Waste flushed down toilets creates a significant source of water pollution
“Forever chemicals” do not naturally break down, and are linked to cancer, foetal complications, liver disease, kidney disease, autoimmune disorders and other serious health issues.

It takes more than 37 gallons of water to produce a single roll of toilet paper
2000 litres of water and 8kg of wood is used to produce 12 rolls
Approximately 2 million trees are cut down daily to meet the global demand for toilet paper

Meet Bikke Chettri (founder and expert in clean bums): The entrepreneur trying to convince Brits to ditch the bog roll for a bidet this Christmas!

If excess toilet paper use is bad for our environment, what are the alternatives for households?

Would Brits be prepared to swap their loo roll for a bidet this Christmas?
What are the pros and cons of bidets?

If it was better for our planet and bums would we switch?

Would you give a bidet as a present? Would you be offended if you received one as a present?

Bikke Chettri is an engaging expert and modern-bidet founder and is available to talk about our modern toilet habits, waste, alternatives and the environment.

Featured Photo by Claire Mueller on Unsplash.

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