The £200k mini bags, and whose buying them…

As the pre-loved fashion industry continues to grow, investors who once looked to traditional investment assets including stocks and shares and gold are now turning their attention to designer handbags, as Hermès proves to be one of the quickest and safest places to put their money.

One of the most exclusive of the Hermès models, the Faubourg Birkin, can provide returns of over £100k in a matter of days!

Launched in 2019, the tiny 20cm bags resembles the brands Paris flagship store and has quickly become one of the most sought-after collectable bags today.

Made from exotic skins in very limited numbers, the Faubourg Birkin is available in four colour-ways which range in exclusivity and expense.

Intended for VIP customers who have a long standing relationship and purchase history with Hermès, the exclusive Birkin can range from £19k in French stores up to £25k in the US when purchasing directly from the retailer, but can go on to sell for more than £400k just days later on the secondary market.

Love Luxury, one of the UK’s leading re-sellers of Hermès and Chanel, based in Knightsbridge and Dubai has a large range of exclusive Hermès pieces, including two Faubourgs which have quickly gained interest from investors and collectors from all over the world. One of which was brought in by a VIP Hermès customer who was offered the Birkin in Paris, she knew the bag would guarantee to at least triple her money. It can be a tricky game as if Hermès found out the bag had been sold she would instantly be banned from ever purchasing from the brand again, but it’s a risk she is more than happy to take.


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