Healing Music Backed by Science: Unraveling the Myths of 432 Hz and 528 Hz Frequencies.

Including Harry Potter, hundreds of kids sang in unison during the end-of-year feast.

Dumbledore, headmaster of the school of wizards, expressed his feelings:

“Ah, music…”

*Wipes tear*

“A magic beyond all we do here!”

Debates about “healing frequencies” have been around for a long time and they all argue their “frequency” is the best one to stimulate healing.

​​In this article, you will discover SOMA Breath, a complete holistic system that offers numerous health benefits.

This includes stimulating natural healing through breathing in sync with euphoric music, a practice they call ‘Breathing in Beats’.

The modality has produced such amazing and consistent results that Cambridge University is currently conducting a clinical study.

You will also be delighted with a debunking of the 432 Hz and 528 Hz “healing frequency” theories.

So let’s talk about “healing”.


Your body’s like a super busy city and your brain’s the control center.

The Nervous System is like a network of traffic lights and public transportation, keeping everything running smoothly.

The system makes sure your heart, lungs and whole existence run without you having to think about it.

Now, there are two main “neighborhoods” in this system:

One gets you hyped up (sympathetic), and the other chills you out (parasympathetic).

To activate healing, you must stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system.

(The Netflix documentary “Heal” does an excellent job at explaining this.)


As a young pharmacist, Niraj Naik raved his heart out every weekend at London clubs.

After years of substance abuse and hating his job with a passion…

He developed a severe case of Ulcerative Colitis.

It got so bad, he was glued to his toilet, “discharging blood” 40 times per day…

For a year!

He was out of money, his life was threatened and doctors were out of ideas.

As a musician and producer, Niraj thought the best thing he could do was make soothing music.

He moved in with a friend, also a doctor, and said:

“Bro… I just want to make music. If I don’t start making music I think I’m going to die”.


Niraj noticed a “peaceful” feeling when listening to certain music.

A feeling he hadn’t felt in years!

So he dove DEEP into “healing frequencies” and it became his first successful online venture.

He pioneered Trypnaural Music Technology, used worldwide by Doctors, hypnotherapists and healing professionals.

This is where he realized that “specific frequencies” didn’t have much to do with healing.

“Enjoying” the music was the most important part!

But for his condition, it wasn’t enough.


Swami Ambikananda, a famous Yogi based in the UK, taught Niraj about Breathwork, meditation and Ayurveda.

She healed herself holistically from the same condition as Niraj…

So he became a disciplined student.

He noticed that breathing in specific rhythmic patterns would also give him a sense of “peace”.

And by “breathing in beats” to euphoric music, he could enter a “trance-like state” where the pain would go away!

This state was so soothing and peaceful!

Niraj started sleeping better and waking up with less pain.

And in just a few weeks…

His symptoms started reversing!

He became obsessed with “Breathing in Beats” and with a few tweaks to his diet based on Ayurveda…

All symptoms were completely gone in a matter of months!


Soothing music you love will naturally relax you, which is the first step in a healing process.

However, after a decade of scientific research and hundreds of thousands of success stories…

Niraj came to the conclusion that “Breathing in Beats” is the most fun and effective way to naturally stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system for healing.

His findings inspired him to create SOMA Breath.

A complete holistic system based on Breathwork & Music with 2000+ Instructors and Coaches worldwide!

The movement caught the attention of organizations such as Gaia TV, TEDx and Cambridge University.

I recommend you go on YouTube and search for:

SOMA Breath Meditation For Rest, Digest, Sleep.

Get comfortable, close your eyes and get ready to awaken your natural healing abilities with a simple breathing pattern in sync to the music for 11 mins.

You’ll start “dozing off” or even “falling asleep”.

That’s how you know it’s working.

Debunking 432 and 528 Hz Healing Frequencies

As a world-renowned expert in the holistic wellness field, with his own experience with “music for healing”, Niraj made two deep posts about these supposedly “healing frequencies” in his personal instagram account @nirajnaikofficial.

Here’s an attempt at a resume:

➤ Claims about 528 Hz and 432 Hz are rooted in myth, not fact.

➤ Both theories lack scientific validation and have no concrete evidence of its use in ancient instruments or music.

➤ Leonard Horowitz’s claims of 528 Hz repairing DNA, based in numerology from The Bible’s Book of Numbers, has been refuted by scientists.

➤ 432 Hz’s ancient music and healing properties lack medical evidence and have no concrete evidence of its use in ancient instruments or music.

➤ Standard tuning at  A = 440 Hz was created in 1939, before Nazi influence, debunking conspiracies.

➤ Guido of Arezzo’s solfeggio and the Pythagorean scale, along with Verdi’s preference came along way before the concept of Hz was created (1930s)

➤ Regarding the connection to 432 Hz, the link with the Schumann resonance is incorrectly based on it being 8 Hz, which it isn’t. It’s 7.83Hz.

➤ Cymatics argue the 432 Hz frequency creates beautiful shapes in water, sand etc…Well so do many other frequencies!

➤ The nocebo effect suggests that the fear of listening to standard-tuned music could be more detrimental than the supposed benefits of alternative tunings.

Final verdict: it’s cleverly made up by marketers to sell music.

Music is subjective and should be enjoyed in whatever tuning resonates.

As Niraj would say…

Much love and positive energy


SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor

  • Orlando SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor

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