“Taylor Swift vs Florence and the Machine” RIDE at East of Eden

Popular yoga, pilates, barre, sound & meditation studio, East of Eden is a stunning studio based in Walthamstow, NE London, offering over 120 yoga, pilates, barre, sound and meditation classes a week in person, from 45 teachers, alongside the permanent online & live streamed offering. They are now excited to launch their NEW studio, RIDE, officially launched in early March 2024.

The RIDE studio has 25 bikes, a mirrored ceiling, immersive disco light settings that move in time with the music, and rhythm riding to the beat.  The classes are inclusive and accessible and all bodies are welcome. There will be a range of musical genres represented, plus Relaxed Rides for people who need the lights softer and the vibes calmer, and Queer and Women Only Rides.

Book your bike, arrive to be ready to ride before the class start time and bring your own cleats (The pedals can accommodate both SPD (2-bolt) and Delta (3-bolt) cleats) or trainers. They provide sweat towels. All sizes and shapes are welcome, and if you need a little more space around your bike, the most spacious ones are 13 and 23 which have a metre either side.

The next ‘Taylor Swift VS Florence and the Machine’ RIDE with Ashley Newburn is on Tuesday 14th May @ 7:30 and Friday 17th May @ 17:45.

RIDE instructor Ashley Newburn says; “For me spin is about the music. The way I experience class is through the beat and I find focussing on the rhythm is an amazing way to connect with how I am feeling. The music gives me no choice but to be present in my body. When I am riding my joy is unstoppable, I couldn’t resist it even if I tried! For me, there are certain classes and movements (I’m looking at you burpees) that I absolutely hate, they feel awful in body, and I can now see are not compulsory or required for me to move my body.  It’s taken me a long time to get to a place where movement is about feeling and not aesthetics and I feel it’s important to emphasise this, it’s absolutely not something that happened overnight. It’s relentless and hard work to resist the fatphobia and body shame which bombard us from all angles all day, every day. Choosing to move my body with no agenda other than to feel good is a radical act and when I have a difficult body image day I try to remind myself of that. I think all the reading really hammered home for me how much diet culture is very much constructed by the society we live in – it’s not something that’s inevitable or innate. We can say no!”

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