A third of women would run through a burning house to save family photos, study finds

A new study by computing accessories and tech retailer Currys asked more than 2,000 Brits across the UK to share their photo-taking habits along with which snaps Brits choose to print out and display in their home in this digital era.  

Contrary to expectations, as a generation that has grown up in a digital world, the survey revealed that 87% of Brits younger than 25 said that they print their photos. At the same time, only 76% of Boomers print out their favourite memories. But  what exactly are they taking photos of?

Babies and fur-babies are the most snapped subjects to be printed 

When asked who is the subject of the photos most likely to make it off the cloud and into the home, 36% of Brits stated that they print the most photos of their children and grandchildren. However, more than a fifth (22%) have printed photos of pets – which beat photos of friends, parents and selfies for a spot on the wall. 


What are most of the photos you print of?  

% of Brits that print their photos and what is on 

My children/grandchildren 










Wider family 


Myself in a group setting or with others 




Events (concerts, football matches etc.) 


However, the study also found that 15% of Brits have no photos of loved ones up in their homes, despite the fact that 46% stated that looking at photos makes them feel happy. 

Holidays trump birthdays, weddings and Christmas as the main event Brit’s take the most photos at

When it comes to capturing moments in time, nearly 4 in 10 Brits (38%) prioritise immortalising their holiday memories. Following closely behind, approximately a quarter (23%) of respondents cherish days out with family and children, as well as birthdays, as the joint second most significant occasions to capture. Weddings hold the fourth position, with just over a fifth of participants (21%) emphasising the importance of documenting the big day. And finally, 20% of Brits find joy in capturing snapshots during the festive season of Christmas. 

As well as the moments being important to capture, physical photos themselves are amongst some Brits’ most important belongings. The survey revealed that almost 3 in 10 women (28%) consider their printed photos their most prized possessions, compared to just 17% of men who share the same opinion.

In fact, despite being in a digital era, photos are so highly valued among women, an impressive 29% of them declaring they would rush to rescue them in the event of a house fire.


  • Tihana Drumev

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