Spread Joy This Christmas & Support Elders Amid the Cost Crisis

A new study by SureSafe reveals that the cost-of-living crisis severely affects over 70% of those aged 75+, with 20% struggling to afford basics like heating and food. ASDA’s initiative combats this, selling 120,000 £1 meals to over-60s in three weeks.

Daniel Westhead, SureSafe’s Managing Director, suggests additional ways to support the elderly this winte

What is the expert saying?

Direct Donations to Care Homes

  • While boxed mac and cheese, peanut butter, and jam are great non-perishable options, make sure you are also supplying the bread, milk, and butter required to make them. Prepackaged meals, canned goods, and low-sodium stacks are also excellent options. However, ensure that the residents have can openers if delivering to a residential care home that doesn’t have a central kitchen like a nursing home will.

Volunteering Opportunities

  • If you want to be more involved than just dropping off food at a centre, there are also some great volunteering opportunities. Meals on Wheels is available in England and the UK to drop off meals for the elderly, but they are always looking for volunteers to help out. There are also local grocery shopping assistance groups where you can pick up and deliver orders to save individuals the trouble of getting to the store and back. Check out Age UK for more information in your area.

Community Initiatives

  • Food drives and fundraising events are an excellent option if you want to help on a larger scale. Get in touch with a local church or community centre to gather larger donations to take to local Food Banks. There are 1,400 Trussel food banks and 1,172 food banks throughout the UK, so finding one nearby shouldn’t be too difficult.

Collaborate with Local Businesses

  • Try collaborating with businesses! Many local grocery stores offer discounts or donations to help during the Christmas season, so be sure to reach out and ask your local businesses.

Use Meal Delivery Services

  • Don’t forget about ensuring your loved ones are fed throughout the busy season. There are a number of affordable meal delivery services that provide easy-to-cook, healthy meals.

Featured Photo by Izzy Park on Unsplash.

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