Shrimp Shack chooses Streatham for debut site

Shrimp Shack, a new fast casual dining restaurant centred around one of the ocean’s most abundant ingredients, will open early January in Streatham. 

Founded by a quad of independent business owners, Balal Aqil, Danny Caratella, Rish Gola and Raf Adam have all joined forces to bring London an unforgettable shrimp-tastic experience.  

Bold in flavour and kind on price, Shrimp Shack will champion this King of Shrimp in unforgettable ways. The core menu centres on a build your own experience where you first choose your size of shrimp, be that the Prince or Queen, followed by the dip – think lemon butter, garlic butter or peri-peri. And finally the seasoning – while some like it hot, others prefer a salty finish. Sides will complement any choice thanks to a variety of crispy chips, rice, potatoes and of course a fresh salad. 

For those feeling shy on the shrimp, then other seafood including crab and lobster are available, as well as meat choices of beef, lamb or chicken with all the same dip, seasoning, and side applications. No ocean feast is complete without a sweet finish and Shrimp Shack has plenty to tempt you … think ice cream and cheese cakes, and even a milk cake. 

Available for eat in, simply take your seat and either register via QR code to receive opening discounts on your first order or a waiter will take your order at the table, and await your feast. Alternatively opt for takeaway and via Deliveroo and Uber Eats – Shrimp Shack has all the mod cons to ensure no one misses out. 

Having co-founded dessert chain Creams in 2008, director Balal Aqil is excited about his next foodie venture and comments:

We wanted to launch something totally unique that is different from the hundreds of burger chains around, which is where the idea of grilled shrimp came from. This new casual dining experience is going to be as much fun as it is tasty, showcasing innovative experiences to its guests that they’ll want to come back time and time again.”

Destined to make a big splash, Shrimp Shack hopes to dive into other neighbourhoods throughout 2024 to deliver a shrimp-licious experience across the capital. 

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