Savage Garden is proud to announce new collaboration with charity, Ocean Conservation Trust across two speciality cocktails

Savage Garden is proud to announce their partnership with the Ocean Conservation Trust, a global Ocean conservation charity working towards a vision of a healthy Ocean, where £1 from the sale of two signature cocktails will support their ocean protection and restore efforts. In addition, Savage Garden is sending a volunteer team to Plymouth, the charity’s base, for community support.

Allow us to introduce “Satori” featuring Plymouth Gin, Amaro Santoni, Doragrossa Chinotto, Campari, Franklin & Sons Pink Grapefruit Soda, topped with Gattertop Damson Liqueur air. Inspired by Japanese Zen Buddhism, “Satori” refers to a sudden moment of enlightenment. Also, discover “Marinehades,” the alcohol-free rendition of “Aphrodite’s Garden,” crafted with Everleaf Marine non-alcoholic aperitif.

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