National Steak Day: 2% of Londoners eat steak in a restaurant everyday

London dwellers have emerged as the steak connoisseurs of the UK, with 1 in 3 indulging in a steak dinner at least once a week. Those in London also show more of a penchant for blue steak, however it’s medium-rare that’s the most popular way to eat steak in Britain.

As steak specialists, and to mark National Steak Day in the UK, Côte Brasserie surveyed a nationally representative sample of 2,500 UK residents in March 2024 to find out more about the landscape of British steak eating preferences.

The survey sheds light on British dining habits, culinary trends, and regional nuances that shape the nation’s love affair with steak. Key findings from the survey can be found here:

Steak Eating Popularity

Despite the rise in veganism and plant-based diets, steak remains popular with diners in London.

  • 38% of Londoners report eating steak at least once a week

  • A further 36% tuck into a steak-based meal at least once a month

Dining Out

Londoners eat at steak restaurants more than any other UK residents.

  • 2% of Londoners claim to eat steak in a restaurant/pub everyday!

  • 30% of Londoners eat steak within a restaurant environment at least once a week – the UK average is just 8%

Favourite Steak Cuts

Survey data has revealed a close competition when it comes to London’s favourite steak cut.

  • Fillet steak is most popular in London, with 24% of respondents opting for this cut of steak

  • Sirloin is in second place with 20% of respondents’ votes

  • Flat iron steaks are 166% more popular in London than anywhere else in the UK

Preparation Preferences

The French prefer their steak rare, but what about Londoners?

  • Medium-rare emerges as the preferred way of cooking steak in London (33%), followed by well-done (20%), and medium (16%)

  • Londoners show a 50% higher affinity for blue steak than anywhere else in the UK

Steak Accompaniments & Sauces

Steak-eaters also have strong opinions on side dishes and sauce accompaniments too.

  • As an accompaniment to steak, chunky chips are the potato-based side dish of choice (24%)

  • Peppercorn emerges as London’s favourite steak sauce, with 29% of respondents opting for it over gravy, blue cheese sauce, garlic butter and all other sauces

Steak Pricing

The cost of beef is continually rising, but how much are Londoners willing to pay for steak?

  • On average, Londoners expect to pay £19.55 for a steak meal with 1 side dish

  • This is more than the UK average of £18.90, but less than the Scottish who lead the charge in steak spending, expecting to pay £20.50 for an 8oz sirloin steak meal

In response to the survey findings, Steve Allen, Executive Chef at Côte Brasserie, said, “At Côte Brasserie, we truly love steak, and it’s great to see that the British public feel the same way. Our commitment to quality shines through in every steak we serve, as our skilled butchery team meticulously cut, trim and prepare each steak to perfection. The insights from this survey will be used to inspire our future steak offering, allowing us to cater to the diverse tastes of our guests and craft even more memorable dining experiences.”

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