Partners with to Supercharge Lead Generation for Sales and Marketing Professionals, a leading B2B lead generation software provider, has today announced a strategic partnership with, an AI-powered pipeline acceleration platform.

This collaboration aims to revolutionise the way marketing and sales teams identify and engage prospective leads using LinkedIn, leveraging cutting-edge technology to connect professionals with decision-makers more effectively. and will equip sales and marketing teams with advanced tools, data-driven insights, and personalised recommendations to maximise their outbound outreach efforts.’s comprehensive sales optimisation platform, combined with’s AI-fuelled lead intelligence, will enable users to engage potential customers with tailored, impactful messaging at the right time.

Besnik Vrellaku, founder of, said: 

“We are thrilled to partner with Warmly to unlock the full potential of multi-channel workflow combined with website data intent as a powerful sales strategyThis partnership comes at a time when businesses are increasingly relying on digital channels for sales and lead generation.

“By combining our expertise in B2B lead generation with Warmly’s buyer intent data, we can provide marketing and sales specialists with one of the most powerful automation tools for business growth.”

LinkedIn has emerged as a prominent sales channel in recent years due to its ability to provide direct access to decision-makers. A recent internal study by LinkedIn revealed that out of the 774 million LinkedIn users, 65 million are decision-makers, highlighting the platform’s immense potential for sales and marketing professionals.

Max Greenwald CEO of said: “Salesflow enables sellers to automatically connect and send personalised outreach messages to decision makers on LinkedIn, to begin building the relationship. Then through direct engagement like posting, commenting, liking and sharing posts, companies can naturally build social credibility and generate free advertising to turn prospective decision-makers into buyers.

78% of LinkedIn social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media, so when we layer in Warmly’s buyer intent signals on top of Salesflow’s LinkedIn automation, sales teams are able to direct these automated LinkedIn social selling playbooks on companies that are in buy-mode, which is a far more efficient way to generate and convert pipeline than what’s out there today.”

Business professionals looking to scale their business and generate warm leads can claim a free trial of Salesflow at:

Featured Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash.

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