Cow Boy Copper Hair Is Trending- An Expert Reveals All

Can you achieve cowboy copper with a box dye?

Cowboy copper is a super fun, playful colour but it’s also high maintenance and complex to achieve. It’s fast fading and I’d recommend seeing an experienced colourist for this rather than using box dye at home for best results.

How should you maintain your cowboy copper colour?

I’d recommend using sulphate free shampoo and  products that are colour safe and prevent fading, as well as a monthly appointment with your colourist to maintain the vibrancy and health of your hair. Ensure you use protein rich products at home, to seal the cuticles and create strong, healthy hair that protects it from damage. Hydrate your hair from within by drinking lots of water and by using hydrating, moisturising products. Using conditioning hair masks at home will also help keep your colour vibrant and healthy. Stay out of the sun as this can accelerate fading, and use heat protection and low heat styling methods as heat can also cause fading.

How soon should you wash cowboy copper hair?

If you have had a bond building treatment with your colour service it can be as soon as you like, otherwise Wait at least 48 hours before you first wash your hair to lock in the colour, and from there wash your hair less frequently than usual to, the more you wash your hair the more quickly your colour is likely to fade, so try to limit this to 2-3 times a week using colour safe products.

What products should you use?

I’d recommend using finding a salon that uses epres as a bond repair treatment, then continue to use the home repair treatment at home. As a every day shampoo and conditioner it would be Davines minu and then you can use there alchemic copper conditioner to top up the colour of it fades between appointments

Credit: Katie Allan, Founder of MAYFIVE Hair

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