Pay error due to human fault avoidable: technology needs to be used to streamline and monitor payroll

News of staff going unpaid due to human errors demonstrates the critical need to invest in payroll efficiencies. That’s according to the expert in pay and payroll solutions, CloudPay.

Following reports that around 5,000 people on the States of Guernsey payroll were not paid salaries and pensions, CloudPay has warned that greater adoption of innovative technology is necessary to both prevent and identity such errors at a critical time.

Commenting on the news, John Pearce, Chief Customer Officer at CloudPay, commented:
“Pay errors have to be avoided at any time, but during this period when we are not only facing rising costs of living, but many are also facing increased expenditure in the lead up to Christimas, mistakes such as this are costly to individuals. It is entirely possible to speed up processes and improve efficiency through technology adoption. We know that many payroll teams are already feeling over-burdened or under-resourced which has the potential to increase mistakes such as this.

“Perhaps more importantly, though, tech can monitor for and rectify errors much quicker than humans. People can’t afford to go without wages and the impact that instances such as this can have on an employer’s reputation is long lasting. It will be difficult to shake this news in immediate talent attraction and retention strategies. There needs to be a reassurance that preventative measures are being put in place for any business that has experienced similar situations. And for those that haven’t faced this challenge, it should certainly serve as a warning that people can make mistakes without the right tools to prevent errors.”

Featured Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash.

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