HOCHBAHN Leads the Way: Hamburg’s Sustainable Mobility Revolution

Hamburger Hochbahn AG (HOCHBAHN), a leading public transport company in Germany, is at the forefront of a revolution in sustainable urban mobility. With Hamburg’s ambitious climate targets in mind, HOCHBAHN is working on a variety of innovative initiatives to combat climate change and redefine urban transport.

In 2023, Hamburg presented a climate plan that aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 70% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels and to achieve net-zero by 2045. HOCHBAHN is committed to achieving these goals by transforming urban mobility and reducing carbon emissions in the transport sector.

Why an Integrated Public Transport System Matters

The HOCHBAHN strategy “Hamburg-Takt” is groundbreaking. It focuses on flexibility and shared mobility without rigid timetables and aims to enable every Hamburg resident to have access to integrated public transport within 5 minutes by 2030. This change includes consequently expanding the conventional local public transport as backbone of urban mobility, building an integrated autonomous on-demand service and integrating conventional and new forms of mobililty into our mobility platform called “hvv switch”.

HOCHBAHN’s innovative and sustainable approach is not limited to Hamburg. Rather, it is intended to serve as an inspiration for transport companies around the world to adopt similar sustainable practices, promote integrated public transport and put the needs of customers first. In the coming years, public transport will play a central role in addressing climate change and promoting sustainable cities. HOCHBAHN’s commitment to climate neutrality and innovative solutions makes it an important player in this global change.

HOCHBAHN is pioneering sustainability in major urban transport infrastructure projects such as the construction of the new U5 underground line. Its carbon reduction strategy aims to reduce emissions from this project by up to 70% by 2040, setting a high standard for sustainability in major projects. Participation in COP28 is in line with the company’s commitment to fighting climate change. The aim is to network with global pioneers in climate protection, exchange knowledge and learn from others in order to achieve climate goals.

Featured Photo by Martti Salmi on Unsplash.

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