Mr Bug extends its insect protein reach with homegrown dog food

As a business that set out in 2020 to showcase insect protein in a positive, sustainable light it was perhaps inevitable that the ‘early doors’ success of its high-flying bug bites and mealworm ‘superfood’ seasoning, would quickly result in Mr Bug making the pragmatic leap from occasional treats and nutritious condiments to ‘everyday affordable’ dog feasts.

Made with 20% Devon mealworm protein, the Rolls Royce of nutritious insectdom, this latest Mr Bug instalment resonates with those dog owners prioritizing good gut health for hounds who have historically reacted badly to mass-market, conveyor belt dog foods (rashes, dry nose & skin, bad breath, flatulence…..); a meticulously assembled ‘superfood’ feast devoid of filler grains or synthetic nasties.

Insect protein makes great environmental sense, a ‘best of both worlds’ solution that’s as nutritious as meat protein yet as sustainable as plantbased.  Throw in the fact that Mr Bug is the only insect food provider made with homegrown mealworms, not well-travelled imported grubs and you can start to appreciate just how much Mr Bug and its DEFRA approved, Devon-based bug farm puts sustainable thinking at the heart of its vision.

In 2023 Mr Bug’s pioneering work was recognised by a number of proud business awards which included: The Global Good & National Sustainability award, The treasured Organic & Green prize at Pet Quip and most unexpectedly of all the Just Started top prize from Startups annual Top 100 roll call.

According to Mr Bug founder, Conal Cunningham, ‘the planet is crying out for humankind to broaden its food horizons and embrace nutritious insects to initiate a seismic protein transition.’

Naturally, large portions of the world‘s humans already consume significant volumes of insects and yet here in the West, insect neophobia remains prevalent.   Best-in-class, bug-based dog food is a very positive 1st paw forwards but for the sake of our creaking planet, insect protein needs to move forwards at pace.

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