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2024 Spring Interior Trends

The change of season allows us to re-evaluate, adapt and perfect our interior design. We explore the key looks to add a fresh twist to home styles.

Corner Comfort

left: Moduleo Roots Classic Oak 24932 from £35.29 per m2. right: Moduleo Roots, Galway Oak 87372 from £35.29 per m2, Moduleo, moduleo.co.uk

There’s a reluctance to let go of the comfort and cosiness of winter, and cosy corners offer an escape from the noise of everyday life. Rather than just a relaxing perch, they’ve grown to provide a work-from-home, study and creative space.

A Great Impression

Gallery Collection, Fresque 9344 Middle Of from £205 (100 x 140cm), Louis De Poortere, louisdepoortere.com

Add a masterpiece without breaking the bank with art-inspired luxury rugs. Whether looking for the crisp graphics of abstract, molten strokes of impressionism or the joyful splatters of a child’s canvas, Louis De Poortere has encapsulated a celebration of masters with its Gallery collection.

Retro Styles

left: Bloom vinyl collection, Botanic Caramel Oak from £47.99 per m2 right: Blos vinyl collection, Coast Oak Beige from £39.99 per m2, Quick-Step, quick-step.co.uk

Not so much a trend, but often a resourceful way to furnish the home, retro styles remain a popular and more sustainable solution. Mixing and matching pieces from different eras can result in a personalised and eclectic home decor style that reflects individual tastes and preferences.

Escape To The Chateau

St Tropez hand woven Tencel carpet from £133 per m2, Riviera Home UK, rivierahomeuk.co.uk

Panelled walls and heritage colour palettes are an easy way to achieve the look of grand manor houses and country pad escapes and work well when utilised in modest settings. For the ultimate contrast, consider balancing the look with a light and luxurious carpet for a touch of decadence.

Let There Be Bright

Hand Block print cushions from £40, Bow Peep quilt in blue from £135, Libby lampshde from £95, Army Green bobbin lamp short £125 [email protected] | huddlecollection.com

Emerging from the grey of winter, colour accents in the home offer a welcome respite and add energy and optimism. Whether you choose to go for bold and vibrant hues or opt for softer pastels, incorporating colour into your home can bring a sense of renewal, energy, and optimism: making for a visually appealing and emotionally uplifting space.

Crisp And Clean

Premium collection, Chestnut Oak cushion vinyl from £31 per m2, LeoLine, leoline.co.uk
The season of spring cleaning is upon us and it’s a great opportunity to repurpose the old, sort through the clutter and redefine spaces with clean and comforting lines.

To foolproof your home throughout the year, consider your flooring choice. Is it easy to clean, and will it cope with your lifestyle? Cushion vinyl provides a comfy and practical solution which often replicates the look and feel of traditional materials without the hefty price tag.

Cocooning Comfort

Wilton Royal, Royal Charter Snowdrop from £24 per m2, Abingdon Flooring, abingdonflooring.co.uk

Neutral colour schemes remain a popular choice for those who like versatility within their home design. Light creams allow an element of warmth while acting as a contrast to accessories that can be mixed and matched to suit the season.

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