Montezuma’s Launch First Ever Cookie Range

Here they crumb…Montezuma’s Launch All Butter Black Forest and Splotch Cookies

Britain’s Greatest Little Chocolate company, Montezuma’s, known nationwide for its extraordinary chocolate, are thrilled to be stepping into the world of cookies. 

The highly anticipated selection of All-Butter cookies come in two of the nation’s favourite bar flavours, Black Forest and Splotch.

Inspired by the nostalgic chocolate and cherry Black Forest Gateau, the Black Forest flavour has long been a best seller at Montezuma’s, with an indulgent taste perfect for cookies. Alongside Black Forest, the Splotch bar makes for the ultimate cookie combination, with its sticky butterscotch flavoured toffee providing the crunch, and its creamy chocolate chips oozing sweetnessDelivered in charming, colourful tins, that are adorned with Montezuma’s bold designs, the Black Forest Mini Cookies and Splotch Mini Cookies are the perfect gifts for someone special, or just for yourself – because everyone needs a snack supply! 

Helen Pattinson (Co-Founder of Montezuma’s) commented on Montezuma’s new venture saying, ‘We are absolutely delighted to be expanding our portfolio of delicious treats, and the world of biscuits and cookies has been something we have long wanted to try our hand at. When deciding which flavours would form part of our new collection, it became obvious to us that two of the nation’s favourite flavours, Black Forest and Splotch, should be celebrated. 

Helen continues, “As a British company, Montezuma’s were keen to provide their customers with something that could be dunked in tea and coffee, but that was altogether more indulgent than the traditional English biscuit. Hence, inspired by our friends from across the pond, the Montezuma’s cookie was born“.   

The All-Butter Black Forest Mini Cookies, (RRP: £12.00), flavoured with both cherries and dark chocolate, are inspired by one of Montezuma’s most popular chocolate bars, the Black Forest Bar. A take on the indulgent, retro flavours of the Black Forest Gateu, the sweetness of the cherries is perfectly balanced with the richness of the dark cocoa, making them perfect for both dunking and sharing.  

The All-Butter Splotch Mini Cookies, (RRP: £12.00), flavoured with sweet butterscotch toffee and milk chocolate chips, are inspired by one of Montezuma’s Co-Founder, Helen Pattinson’s, favourite flavours, the Milk Chocolate Splotch Bar. As said by Helen, “The kids will love this so introduce it to them at your peril!“. The hints of creamy milk chocolate mixed with sticky butterscotch works well to create an irresistible treat loved by both kids and adults alike.    

Montezuma’s continues to be celebrated by UK customers for its long-term commitment to ethically sourcing the finest ingredients for their creations. 

The All-Butter Black Forest and Splotch Mini Cookies are now available in Montezuma’s stores and online at, and 

Featured Photo by Christina Branco on Unsplash.

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