Made for drink seeks a slice of the lucrative pork scratchings market with the launch of its sublime Iberian pork chicharrones

For many Pork Scratchings (Pork Crackling) will always be the holy grail of ‘fine snacking,’ the UK’s undisputed No.1 pub snack that delivers a truly moreish, highly seasoned crunch that pairs effortlessly with your favourite lager.

It was therefore only a matter of time before Made for Drink added to its eclectic, fine snacking stable with its own, best-in-class Iberian Pork Chicharrones to pair with a light-bodied Cerveza lager.

According to Made for Drink founder, Dan Featherstone. ‘Traditionally in the UK a pork scratching is a full-bodied, intensely flavoured treat that requires some significant jaw work. My inclination was to build upon our strong Spanish ties forged during the creation of our award-winning Chorizo Thins and use highly-prized Iberian pork.  By adopting the Spanish preference for cooking the pork rind twice, the second time at a much higher temperature the pork skin inflates, taking on an altogether more airy, melty texture.’  

In the UK, The Black Country is the spiritual heartland of filling savoury treat, but there are other fine snacking regions around the world who also lay claim to be the original birthplace of the humble scratching.  In Canada local foodies talk about Scrunchions, in the USA they wax lyrical about Pork Rinds, the Filipinos Chicharons and Spanish tapas-admiring community Chicharrones.      

Pork Chicharrones are a protein-rich snack for healthier living types looking for a snack to support their low carb lifestyle

Made for Drink’s Pork Chicharrones have quickly found their feet within Fortnum & Mason and the Metropolitan pub estate and are now looking to establish a firm footing within the UK’s leading supermarkets and food halls in tandem with high-end delis, farm shops and garden centres.

In Dec 23 Made for Drink joined forces with Cotswold Fayre, who became the latest fine food wholesaler to support Made for Drink’s unflinching commitment to the UK’s proud indie foodie scene.

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