Burns brew: Scottish brewery challenges Londoners to perform poetry for a pint

  • A Scottish brewery is challenging Londoners’ to recite poetry in exchange for a free Irn Bru inspired sour beer ahead of Burns night
  • It comes in celebration of Vault City’s latest Iron Brew release – a trio inspired by the iconic Scottish drink
  • The giveaway will take place at Scotland House in Temple, London on Wednesday, January 24 ahead of Burns Night

A SCOTTISH brewery is giving away free beer this week to any Londoner who can recite a line of poetry from Scotland’s national bard: Robert Burns.

On Wednesday, January 24 – the day before Burns Night –  Edinburgh-based brewery Vault City will be at Scotland House to give away freebies of its popular Irn Bru inspired sour beers to anyone bold enough to take a crack at the Bard’s famous poetry.

Burns night is a traditional Scottish supper that celebrates the life and works of poet and lyricist Robert Burns. It takes place annually on the poet’s birthday, January 25.

Vault City co-founder Steven Smith-Hay is confident Londoners will enjoy the beers inspired by his country’s favourite soft drink.

He said: “We sell across the UK and beyond, but we are a Scottish company – so we couldn’t let one of our country’s biggest nights pass without a celebration.

“We reckon we need to give people of London something to address the Haggis with and what better than a quintessentially Scottish drink that will make any exiled Scot feel like they’re right back home, whether it’s our original Iron Brew, or new additions; the Iron Brew Float and Iron Brew Fiery Ginger. 

“We can’t just hand out beers willy-nilly; we’re asking beer lovers to come along and recite their favourite Burns poem for us. Think of it as singing for your supper. It’ll taste even better when you’ve earned it with a performance.

“You know what they say – a can’s a can for aw that.”

The novelty beers have proven incredibly popular in recent years, with a number of pub owners attributing its launch to pulling punters back to pubs during Dry January. This year, the beers have launched in more bars than ever before, with 100 across the UK set stocking the orange brew.

The Vault City team will be at Scotland house from 2pm to 6pm. Anyone over 18 (with ID) can take part.

Each can features a limited edition vintage design ironically drawing inspiration

from stereotypical  Scottish tropes:  red-headed characters ironing their kilts and  facing off against Highland cows.

Vault City is known for its nostalgia infused creations, including beers inspired by Toxic Waste sweets, Wagon Wheel biscuits, Neapolitan scoop ice cream and grape soda.

Its beers are designed to make sour beer more accessible, with its Triple Fruited Mango Sour Beer among the beers stocked in more than 700 supermarkets across the UK.

To find out more about Vault City and learn more about their new Iron Brew trio, visit vaultcity.co.uk.

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