GPM Recognized as Disruptor and Innovator as Sustainable Project Management Becomes Mainstream

In a significant acknowledgment of its pioneering role, GPM Global has been recognized as a key disruptor and innovator in the field of project management. As the industry shifts towards integrating sustainability into its core practices, GPM’s influential contributions have been instrumental in steering this global transformation.

Founded in 2009, GPM Global has consistently championed the integration of environmental and social responsibility into project management. The company’s innovative approach, characterized by the adoption of regenerative principles and the development of the groundbreaking P5 Standard, has not only enhanced project outcomes but has also set new standards for long-term environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic efficiency.

GPM’s P5 Standard represents a paradigm shift in project management, embedding sustainability into every phase of project execution. This holistic framework assesses projects using over 200 impact methods and 49 sustainability elements from five unique perspectives, thereby elevating the benchmarks for environmental conservation, social welfare, and business value creation.

Beyond its project execution strategies, GPM has emerged as a vocal advocate for sustainable development within the project management community. Through a range of educational initiatives, including workshops, seminars, and publications, GPM has been at the forefront of educating professionals worldwide about the critical importance of sustainability in project management, thus driving a significant shift in the industry.

GPM’s comprehensive suite of services is designed to advance sustainable practices in project management. These services, including the PSM3 assessment and a variety of training, certification, and consultancy offerings, enable organizations to integrate sustainable methodologies effectively, leading to improved environmental and business outcomes.

As it looks to the future, GPM is committed to continuous innovation in sustainable project management. This dedication not only positions GPM as a leader in adapting to and shaping industry trends but also underscores its role in inspiring a future where sustainability is at the heart of business success.

Featured Photo by Brands&People on Unsplash.

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