COP28: UNDRR and UNOPS to host network to “avert, minimize and address loss and damage” from the impacts of climate change.

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) and UNOPS will host the Santiago network secretariat

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – A joint-proposal from UNOPS and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction has been adopted at COP28 which will see the UN agencies jointly host the Santiago Network.

The network, which has been hosted temporarily by the UNFCCC since 2019, was set up to help the most vulnerable countries avert, minimize and address the effects of climate change. Parties established the network as part of the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage at COP 25 in Madrid.

Essentially, the network serves as the connection between UN Member States and service providers – if a Member State has a request related to loss and damage, this is how they apply for assistance.

UNOPS Executive Director, Jorge Moreira da Silva said:

“This is a matter of climate justice. Climate change has disproportionately impacted developing countries, yet they lack adequate support in climate action. This makes the focus on loss and damage at COP28 both significant and historic.

“I am pleased with the final decision today, which will see UNOPS and UNDRR host the Santiago network. This network will be instrumental in providing technical assistance, capacity building, and connecting a wide array of organizations, knowledge centers, and research institutions.

“It aims to create projects that align with the specific needs of countries most affected by climate impacts. By bringing together these diverse resources and expertise, the network will play a crucial role in supporting countries in their fight against the adverse effects of climate change, ensuring that projects are tailored to their unique challenges and needs.”

Featured Photo by Melissa Bradley on Unsplash.

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