Get ready to Go Mental at the UK’s First Mental Wellbeing Festival

Nutritionist and author Rosie Millen AKA Miss Nutritionist, teams up with leading health & fitness experts to launch Go Mental in association with World Mental Health Day.

Although the conversation about mental well-being is getting louder, there is still a huge need for education on how to reduce anxiety and depression in order to bring suicide rates down.

A study in 2016 from The Mental Health Foundation found that one in six adults suffers from anxiety and depression, and one in five adults has suicidal thoughts. In addition, according to the WHO, levels of anxiety and depression have increased by 25%.

Go Mental is the UK’s First Mental Wellbeing Festival, due to be held in London on Saturday 7th October from 10 am. This interactive event in Central London is an empowering destination for all things mental well-being and is designed to break the silence and stigma around mental health and reduce suicide rates.

Go Mental Founder Rosie Millen, AKA Miss Nutritionist, suffered from severe burnout in 2010. She collapsed from too much stress and was bed bound for three years and also contemplated suicide as her mental well-being collapsed, and she found herself in a very dark place:  “Every day I would wake up with no energy, totally depressed and helpless. There were so many times when I didn’t want to be alive anymore. I considered taking my life three times. Only when I educated myself and put it all into practice did I get better and back on my feet for good.”

Following her recovery, Rosie wanted to try and help others who may also be experiencing mental health issues. Go Mental has brought together a powerful selection of mental health professionals, doctors, authors and survivors, who are all ready to share their stories and experience on how to make our mental well-being journeys easier.  The line-up includes:

Fitness Influencer Bradley Simmonds,  Mental Health Campaigner Ben West, Nutritionist Madeleine Shaw, Dr Dani Gordon, Yoga Teacher Heather Hearts, and the DLC Anxiety Community.

Wherever you are in your mental well-being journey, Go Mental has something for you. The event will cover everything from keynote speakers (including Fitness Influencer Bradley Simmonds,  Mental Health Campaigner Ben West, and Nutritionist Madeleine Shaw), Q&A panellists, interactive workshops, food and mood demos, brand browsing and yoga.

If you’re struggling with your mental health, join this growing mental well-being community and learn from the experts to get specific help and advice.  Understand how to stop negative thoughts and learn the tools and resources to reduce anxiety and boost mood. Sample some of the best products on the market from brands paving the way in the mental well-being space.  Go Mental is an event that invites you to speak openly about your mental health journey with like-minded individuals willing to listen and support you.

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Featured Photo by Maxime Bhm on Unsplash

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