Food artist creates extraordinary cake out of tea-time favourites, including chicken dippers, fish fingers & peas

  • Cake artist Michelle Wibowo made a show stopping cake out of Birds Eye products, paying homage to 100 years of flash freezing
  • In 1924, Clarence Birdseye, the founder of Birds Eye, invented the flash freezing technology that is still used today

Flash freezing is turning 100 years old in 2024, and Birds Eye, the UK’s biggest selling frozen food brand, is celebrating big. Cake artist, Michelle Wibowo, has crafted a show-stopping cake made entirely out of iconic Birds Eye products.

Standing at over 45cm tall, this extraordinary cake is made of a whopping 60 chicken dippers, 90 fish fingers, 40 fish cakes, 20 fish burgers, 11 chicken burgers, and 16 potato waffles. Mashed potato is piped beautifully onto the four layers, while peas, broccoli and intricate carrot flowers are added throughout for pops of colour. This cake is a true labour of love, taking Michelle over 3 hours to create.

This mouth-watering cake is not only beautiful to look at, but also delicious and nutritious, celebrating the power of flash freezing and how it locks in nutrients and flavour ready to release them only when the food is cooked.

Freezing as we know it today wouldn’t be the same without Clarence Birdseye, who first realised the power of quick freezing when on a hunting trip in Newfoundland, Canada after fishing under very thick ice in -40°C weather. Birdseye observed that when the fish was brought out of the water and placed on ice, it froze almost instantly due to the combination of the temperature and exposure to the elements. But it wasn’t until he went to eat the fish much later that Birdseye realised the significance of this discovery – the frozen fish, once cooked, was as firm and fresh as if it had just been caught! Fast forward to 100 years later, and frozen fish is still one of Birds Eye’s most iconic products.

To celebrate this momentous anniversary, and to help give consumers a much-needed boost this January, Birds Eye is launching major promotions across UK supermarkets, kicking off with a fantastic half price deal at Asda, a 4 for £5 deal at Tesco and 10 products for just £10 at Iceland*.

*Timings of promotions vary, terms and conditions apply

Pricing remains at the discretion of retailers.

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