Plant Club joins forces with Eataly for Veganuary

To celebrate Veganuary, Plant Club, the first Italian Gluten-Free and Plant-based restaurant, has partnered with La Scuola, Eataly’s cooking school to launch two exclusive Italian Vegan and Gluten-free masterclasses on 16th and 17th January.

Veganuary, an annual campaign that encourages people to embrace a vegan lifestyle for the month of January, has gained substantial momentum over the years. 

In line with this growing movement, Plant Club and Eataly are teaming up to provide a unique and indulgent experience for all those looking to explore the world of Italian Vegan and Gluten-free cuisine.

Participants will be introduced to the world of Italian Aperitivo, creating the perfect tray to welcome guests at home with polenta crisps and potato boats with delicious garnishes. And of course, pasta: Antonio will teach how to make a delicious gluten free Reginetta pasta, with a mouthful filling of tofu and porcini mushroom.

Antonio Alderuccio, Plant Club’s Founder and Chef Patron, says: “I am thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Eataly for Veganuary! As an Italian gluten-free and vegan chef, this collaboration is a dream come true and I can’t wait to showcase the incredible diversity and flavours of vegan Italian food, proving that you don’t need gluten or animal products to enjoy the rich heritage of our cuisine.”

Olivia Vachon, Marketing Manager at Eataly, says: “Eataly is delighted to present an exclusive Vegan and Gluten-Free class featuring esteemed Italian chef Antonio Alderuccio in our cooking school this January. As we embrace Veganuary, this culinary experience underscores our commitment to offering diverse, health-conscious options. 

Beyond a trend, Veganuary represents a conscious choice towards sustainable and inclusive dining. Join us in the kitchen to explore the art of plant-based, gluten-free Italian cuisine, as we embark on a flavourful journey that aligns with our values of delicious, mindful choices for a better world.”

Tickets cost £70 and are available to buy at Eataly website.

Instagram: @plant_clubuk

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