Festive fun – build your perfect Christmas Pantry!

Know your space – measure your desired space and work back from there. If you’re looking for inspiration, social media can be a great place to start, especially if you need to get creative with a small or narrow space! If space is limited, we recommend researching storage options that can be neatly tucked away and pulled out when needed.

Utilise nifty spots – unused space in the home can often feel like a waste, so we recommend utilising these tight or awkward spaces for your potential pantry! Get creative with drawers, baskets and cupboards to create hidden storage spots and don’t shy away from using height to your advantage – stack up high and invest in a step ladder which matches your interior!

 Image credit: Olive & Barr 

Invest in space saving shelves – if you have a large budget to work with, look at creating a bespoke space with shelves or modular units configured to suit your desired location. Although a larger investment, this can be a great way to use an awkward space in a more practical way.

Store mindfully – once you have your space defined, work out exactly what dry goods you would like to store in your pantry. Productively organising your space means you will be more likely to utilise it properly, without feeling overwhelmed with excess produce! Labeling your boxes, baskets and jars will help to keep the space tidy whilst adding an aesthetic touch.

Keep it clean – to keep your pantry looking fresh all year round, we recommend a regular monthly clean with products that are kind to your pantries base material and keep a clean cloth handy, so you can always wipe up any spills immediately.

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