Feeling Blue in January? New Study Shows Noodles Can Help to Counter Negative Emotions

Feeling Blue? New research from Marugame Udon reveals that happiness may lie in eating noodles as nearly two-thirds of people (61%) link eating noodles to happy emotions and over three-quarters (79%) associate the dish with feelings of comfort.

January is often associated with doom and gloom with Blue Monday (the third Monday of January) considered the most depressing day of the year. Google Trends data also shows that searches for noodles peak every January in the UK. 

Connecting the dots, the study of adults living in the UK shows that an overwhelming 82 per cent of people agree that eating a bowl of noodles can help counter negative emotions and over half (52%) plan on eating more noodles in January following the Christmas season.

Marugame Udon is now on a mission to combat the stereotypes around January and Blue Monday after the research also revealed that a majority of people (61%) have a sense of neutrality on Blue Monday and 45 per cent do not associate January with stress or negative emotions. ​​

With eating noodles linked to happiness, Marugame Udon is launching Kake Monday on 15th January to counter the assumption that everyone has to feel miserable on Blue Monday and throughout January. To help more people discover the joy of noodles, diners at Maurgame Udon can get their hands on half-price Kake with bowls from just £2.50 every third Monday of the month starting from 15th January. Kake is a traditional Japanese comfort food made of freshly made udon noodles in a light umami packed fish dashi.

Whilst the research shows that noodles can provide an uplift, Marugame Udon recognises the need for continued support with mental health is imperative for those living with a serious illness. Marugame Udon is committing to donate 10p per bowl sold on Noodle Monday to the mental health charity Mind whose efforts include providing support and information to those experiencing a mental health issue.

Discover delicious, authentic Japanese udon this year. That’s the Marugame way.

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