Beat the January Blues: The Yards Offers Free Gifts for People who have Birthdays in January

  • Over three quarters of Brits consider January the worst month to celebrate a birthday, due to the poor weather and proximity to Christmas
  • To combat this, select venues at The Yards in Covent Garden are giving out free gifts to people who can prove they were born in January
  • To claim the freebies, head to Townhouse, Gura Gura, The Conduit, temper, Luci, or Le Bab located in The Yards anytime in January and show your ID to a member of staff who will confirm you are eligible 

January is often viewed as the most depressing month due to the poor weather and post-Christmas financial struggles. However, it proves to be even more challenging for those celebrating birthdays in this gloomy period. A recent survey by The Yards, a vibrant shopping, dining and entertainment district in the heart of Covent Garden, has revealed that over three-quarters (76%) of Brits consider January the worst month to celebrate their birthdays. To make things a little better, select venues at The Yards are offering free gifts to people who can prove their birthday is in January.

January birthdays, while celebratory, can pose more of a challenge, with many friends taking part in Dry January and over a quarter looking to save money after the Christmas period, birthday celebrations tend to fall flat. When asked about the downsides of a January birthday, Londoners commented on the dreadful weather (33%), cold temperatures (38%), and the proximity to Christmas (27%). In addition, many Londoners find excuses to not leave the house in January, with 31% saying they don’t have the funds and 19% complaining they are ill.

It is no secret that Londoners love a freebie, with half agreeing they would leave the house for free food and 32% for a free activity, that’s why The Yards have launched a new campaign by offering free gifts to those who can provide proof they were born in January proving that birthdays at this time of the year are not always a cause for disappointment. Here is what The Yards is giving out as free birthday gifts below:


The luxury nail salon is giving out a complimentary Townhouse Cream #1 30ml*, for those booked in for a treatment, so they can keep their skin smooth and hydrated in the colder months.

The Conduit

The members club is gifting a complimentary Royal Flush mocktail a Darjeeling-based sparkling non-alcoholic tea (Crossip Rich Berry 0%) to **Londoners when they dine at the Rooftop Restaurant for Friday dinners and Saturday lunches and dinners.

Le Bab

Middle Eastern restaurant Le Bab is keeping you full this January with a free kebab for January birthday celebrators when they make a reservation and dine in at the Covent Garden restaurant.


To ward off the January blues, temper, the steakhouse & barbeque restaurant, is offering a complimentary Momma’s Margarita to individuals who can verify their status as January babies***.


Italian restaurant bakery Luci is extending the invite treating those born in January to a complimentary freshly brewed coffee paired with a delectable pastry.****

Gura Gura

The Pan Asian restaurant will be offering free desserts to those born in January.

Joelle Fry, Place & Marketing Manager at The Yards comments, “People celebrating birthdays in January often face a unique set of challenges as it is known to be a month where people feel down. However, at The Yards we want to do something different and bring some joy to people’s birthday celebrations, showing them there can be some perks. Our free gifts are a small way of brightening up a month that many find challenging, so head over to The Yards and enjoy a dessert from Gura Gura or kebab from Le Bab on us.”

For those interested in taking part, simply head to Townhouse, Gura Gura, The Conduit, Luci or Le Bab located in The Yards from now until the 31st of January and show your ID to a member of staff at the participating venues to claim your free gift. For more information head to The Yards site, and follow @theyardscoventgarden.

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