As ‘dog wellness’ trends on TikTok, vet launches chewable pet supplements

Expert vet at Omni reveals the six health supplements your dog needs this January

As humans, we all understand the importance of keeping healthy through the winter. Now that the excesses of Christmas and New Year are behind us and we face the reality of another two months of winter ahead, boosting our immunity becomes more vital than ever.

And it’s no different for our four legged friends. Highly regarded veterinary surgeon Dr. Guy Sandelowsky, who is co-founder of fast-growing British alternative protein pet food brand Omni, passionately believes that giving your dog supplements in the form of a targeted, one-a-day soft chew, will hugely benefit their health and wellbeing.

‘Omni is leading a pet supplement revolution by saying goodbye to pills, powders and other high-calorie alternatives,’ he explains. ‘Instead, we are focusing on a potent one-a-day soft chew that your dog will love and that uses cruelty-free, evidence-based ingredients. It’s a no-fuss, nutritional and easy way to support your dog at the same time as taking your own vitamins during these colder months.’

Created by clinical practitioners, Omni Rescue is tailored to six specific body systems: Joints and mobility; stress and anxiety; anal glands; irritated skin; stool firming and home cooking – the latter is packed with essential nutrients to help prevent deficiencies for people who home cook or feed their dogs raw.

With the pet wellness trend set to skyrocket in 2024, Omni are forging the way as an innovator in the pet food industry with sales having grown by over 100% since January 2023.

Both Dr Sandelowsky, and his co-founder, ex-investment banker, Shiv Sivakumar, have taken a science-backed, health first approach to the business working closely with Nottingham Vet School and various reputable experts in the field of veterinary nutrition including FEDIAF, the European regulator.

‘Retailers and consumers are finally waking up to the fact that alternative protein pet foods and supplements can be just as healthy if not healthier than traditional meat-based products with a fraction of the environmental impact of the meat industry,’ says Dr Sandelowsky.

This surge is reflected in a broader trend. As consumers become more health conscious and nutritionally aware, they are applying the same thinking to the food and supplements they feed their pets.

A report by Inflexion in 2023, showed an increasing proportion spent on pet health to increase lifespans and treat diseases such as obesity which has become more prevalent in animals just as it has amongst humans. This has paved the way for pet supplements with the UK market now worth approximately £100m and growing at 7% per annum as pet owners become more aware of the existence and effectiveness of such products.

Soft chew supplements are quite new to the UK with only 5% of the UK market chews, compared with an estimated 70% in the US. Naturally, this is much easier for dogs to take compared to pills and powders.

Omni remains devoted to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and paving the way for a future where pets thrive on nutrients that align with ethical and environmental values.

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