A brand built on a deep-seated appreciation of bready joy launches 1st seeders raise

It was 4 years ago that Andy Welch embraced his 1st Iron Man, his interesting take on a cathartic experience to signal the end of blue-chip corporate career and all the unwelcome stress and unhappiness so often associated with such roles.

What had begun as a rigorous fitness regime to recalibrate his life after exiting his last FTSE 250 role was quickly turning into a bit of a healthy reawakening. Yet, to participate in an Iron Man required a new level of fitness and a new dietary regime which is where Andy learned about a low carb lifestyle. In the blink of an eye, Andy felt better than he ever had and yet there was one small voice within his head that couldn’t be quelled, his deep-rooted ‘bready urges,’ be that toast, the odd slither of garlic bread, a handy wrap or a buttery hot cross bun.

To cut a long story short Andy working with a small huddle of artisanal bakery heroes created an amazing low carb loaf that impressed both friends and family. He popped it online and sales snowballed from 4 -12,000 a week. In no time his loyalist following grew beyond 200,000; a heady mix of fine bread aficionados and those working tirelessly to tackle obesity and type 2 diabetes head on.

Over the next 3 years SRSLY has launched 15+ skus down every imaginable virtual aisle from jams and condiments to pizzas and ready meals. Thousands of 5-star product and service reviews have been obtained, a 79% repeat purchase has been secured and premises have had to be moved three times to deal with cascading orders.
Today, discussions with major bricks and mortar retailers are afoot, a NHS central contract is in place and a 1st USA order for pizzas has been placed. Later this week the next chapter of the SRSLY adventure begins with the Hertfordshire business’s launching its 1st Seeders raise with 615 registered investors already onboard.

And guess what, last week we secured our 1st Grocer New Product nomination for our ‘category hero’ Seeded bread, thereby completing a full bready circle of idea to conception to investment raise; incredible when you think about it!

You can find more information here: srslylowcarb.com/seedrs.

Featured Photo by sporlab on Unsplash.

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