Yuvãfy: Premium, great-tasting marine collagen supplements

Did you know, we start to lose natural collagen production in our bodies from the age of 25? This important protein is what keeps our joints healthy and our skin supple.

Yuvãfy has turned this on its head with a liquid collagen supplement that prioritises both your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet.

Yuvãfy stands out from the crowd with its superior liquid collagen. Offering a whopping, potent 10,000mg of exquisite marine collagen per daily sachet, they exclusively use premium marine collagen sourced according to leading Fisheries Standard guidelines, ensuring sustainable fishing practices.

Alongside the collagen, Yuvãfy’s supplement has a carefully selected blend of vitamins (Vitamin B Complex, and Vitamin C), and hyaluronic acid. This unique formulation is strategically designed to enhance skin, hair, nail, and joint health.


Simply squeeze the sachet to homogenise the supplement and then drink straight, mix with your favourite drink, or top your favourite foods and enjoy once a day to reap the rewards.

And these rewards are plentiful, with increased skin moisture, enhanced skin elasticity, reduced UV-induced hyperpigmentation, improved skin tone and texture, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, and stronger, healthier nails and hair.

What more could you wish for?

With feedback already in, and customers saying they noticed improvement in their nails in just one week, and other benefits shining through between 6 and 8 weeks later, Yuvãfy is a potent, premium and luxurious way to turn back time on your skin. And all while tasting great – and looking totally dreaming (that packaging, though).

Yuvãfy is also super proud to have created a Wellness Club dedicated to educating customers about the benefits of collagen and how its natural properties can support skin health and strong joints.

By joining Yuvãfy on your journey, you become part of their wellness family, staying up-to-date with the latest in cutting-edge science.

Yuvãfy is available on a monthly subscription, at £66.95 per month for 30 sachets, or as a one-off purchase for those wanting to trial, at £39 for 15 sachets.

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