XTCC Managing Director joins exclusive group at World Economic Forum 2024

XTCC’s Managing Director Professor Lisa Wilson, the multi-award winning international business leader, academic, entrepreneur and mentor, today announced that she has become a VIP member of the prestigious 100 Davos Women group.

The invite-only group brings together a community of inspiring, like-minded, impact-driven female leaders from organisations attending the World Economic Forum 2024. In addition to creating in-person networking opportunities at the event itself and online, membership also offers exclusive access to global stages and closed-door events at Davos and the UN General Assembly (UNGA).

The benefits also extend beyond Davos, with speaker opportunities at global leadership events, priority lists at a range of conferences and digital networking throughout the year.

Professor Wilson is one of the world’s top 20 industry pioneers and a powerhouse in blockchain which complements her work at XTCC. XTCC is underpinned by blockchain to provide provenance and transparency and deliver the world’s first exchange traded high-integrity carbon credit investments through the regulated capital markets.

Professor Wilson is attending the World Economic Forum to present the work of XTCC. Lisa will convey its successes attained during COP28 and how it is working with partners to build trust and create a democratised investment platform and credible high-integrity carbon credit ecosystem, promoting integrity, confidence, inclusivity, transparency, and circularity.

XTCC Managing Director Professor Lisa Wilson says: “The World Economic Forum is a unique opportunity to discuss the most pressing global challenges and hear from many of the world’s foremost leaders, businesspeople and politicians, along with a range of other stakeholders. I am excited to be attending to highlight the pioneering work XTCC has been doing to raise confidence for investors and create a high-integrity carbon market that has impact and democratisation at heart. Becoming a member of 100 Davos Women aligns to other truly inspiring and successful international leaders from across the world. I look forward to far-reaching conversation and making connections and friendships that will support our collective delivery of global economic goals and make an impact towards the themes of The Forum.”

Featured Photo by Evangeline Shaw on Unsplash.

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