Weird and Wonderful things left behind at London gigs

From a dozen boiled eggs to life-size dolphins, the weird and wonderful things left behind after UK gigs

  • Live event discovery platform DICE and UK venues reveal the items that gig-goers leave behind from the wonderful to the downright weird
  • From strange snacks of boiled eggs to 3ft fluffy tigers and even missing prosthetic limbs
  • DICE’s fans across the UK chime in with the bizarre things they’ve forgotten and found on nights out

From dodgy snacks to a 3ft fluffy tiger and prosthetic leg, fans up and down the country have been bringing, and leaving behind, a growing list of weird and wonderful items to accompany them to live events.

DICE, the world’s largest independent music ticketing platform, has teamed up with its venue partners in the UK, including TroxyVillage Underground and EartH, to uncover the unexpected items that gig-goers forgot.

Ranging from cardboard cut-outs of Tony Soprano and meerkat costumes to a life-sized fibre-glass dolphin complete with its own stand, it appears there’s a trend of music-lovers taking some strange articles to see their favourite artists.

Most items raise more questions than they solve, such as someone leaving behind a prized Justin Bieber signed Keytar. Venues also discovered Kate Middleton themed condoms and questioned how one fan managed to get home after leaving their prosthetic leg in the cloakroom.

A recent survey of British fans by DICE also found that one in five (20%) Brits will religiously grab a meal deal or sandwich to eat on the go before an event*. However, it appears that the types of snacks are getting stranger, raising eyebrows amongst venues. DICE partners have found a weird smorgasbord of nibbles including 12 boiled eggs in a box and a half eaten pack of hummus and carrot batons, whilst one of its venue partners, Troxy uncovered pickles and power bars to help fans last all night.

One lucky gig-goer even admitted to waking up with a bag of sliced oranges after an event – a healthy snack that they hadn’t left the house with and surprisingly accrued during the night.

And if you’re wearing new shoes – don’t go crowd surfing. Or at least that’s the advice from DICE’s community of fans who, when asked about what they’d lost at gigs in a social media poll, multiple people replied saying they’d had shoes and even socks stolen whilst being carried across the crowd**.

As demand for live music and experiences continues to rise, DICE is reshaping the ticketing industry for fans, artists, and venues by breaking down the barriers that get in the way of a good time. Whilst it can’t guarantee the return of weird and wonderful lost and found items, it can ensure fair upfront pricing, no hidden fees, and no ticket touts. DICE makes it easier than ever for fans to discover new artists and amazing shows which they can book in three simple taps.

Sam Ricketts, Head of Account Management (Europe), at DICE said: “We’ve all gone out to gigs before and left behind a jacket or bag but some of the items our partners find are both brilliant and baffling – I’d have to draw the line at an entire carton of boiled eggs as an event snack.”

“It’s so important to us and our hundreds of venue partners across the UK to create the best experience and give fans access to some of the best gigs and events out there. With so much variety on offer, it’s not surprising that the lost and found boxes are full of weird and wonderful treasures.”

Featured Photo by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash.

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