Volocopter Highlights the Importance of Electric Flight at the United Nations Conference of Parties

Volocopter, the pioneer of Urban Air Mobility (UAM), recently joined the conversation on decarbonization at the COP28 – UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The event is the world’s most prominent climate summit and gathers thousands of entities to work toward a common goal of finding sustainable solutions to decarbonize and maintain the Earth’s temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Volocopter made history as the first eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) company to participate in the conference, promoting its safe, sustainable, and quiet electric aircraft solutions. With over ten years of development experience, the company has been pushing both technological and regulatory boundaries to adopt electric propulsion technologies and ultimately pave the way for a green UAM industry.

Dirk Hoke, Chief Executive Officer at Volocopter, said, “Our participation in the conference signifies the crucial role of eVTOLs in the conversation about decarbonization in the aviation industry. As a company with expertise in sustainable aviation, Volocopter is bringing concrete solutions to the table to accelerate decarbonization starting now, rather than in the next decade.”

Aviation currently accounts for around 3% of global CO2 emissions. However, considering other harmful gases released in the atmosphere, like nitrogen oxides (NOx), the impact of aviation on the climate could be even greater. Other technologies like electric propulsion are necessary, and that is where Volocopter is focusing its efforts to decarbonize aviation. Volocopter is pioneering electric propulsion technology with its fully electric vehicles producing zero in-flight emissions. The company is committed to advancing its eVTOL fleet to reduce noise and emission levels in cities. The innovation that Volocopter is developing now has the potential to be adapted on a larger scale and make a significant impact in reducing emissions.

Oliver Reinhardt, Chief Risk and Certification Officer at Volocopter said “Volocopter is committed to creating a safe and sustainable future of transportation. Our team is pushing the technological and regulatory boundaries to commercially implement emission-free aviation solutions that already exist today. What we do now is an essential first step that allows sustainable aviation technology to mature to the next levels. Highest levels of safety and sustainability are the pillars of our mission to revolutionize air mobility.”

Volocopter is on track to receive type certification from EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) for its two-seater air taxi VoloCity, ahead of its commercial launch in Paris in 2024. Subsequently, the company plans to scale up its operations and bring UAM to life in other cities around the world.

Featured Photo by Wael Hneini on Unsplash.

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