Visible Youth Skincare; Winter Skincare Essentials Powered by Hyoglass

Visible Youth‘s Moisture Shield Moisturiser, £65, offers a nourishing boost to the skin, whilst the Multipeptide Super Serum, £85, delivers unbeatable hydration with Hyaluronic Acid, which carries 1000 times its own weight in water.

Whilst other HA solutions can sit on the skin’s surface, Visible Youth’s formulas are designed to penetrate the dermis and achieve a gorgeous glow no matter what the weather.

As pure as fresh snow, the Visible Youth only use the purest medical grade HA that is 100% natural to the body.

For targeted hydration, the Multi Action Eye Serum, £65, which utilises the power of the brand’s patented Hyoglass – a breakthrough discovery in hyaluronic acid and biomaterial skin regeneration that is proven to heal skin at a medical level.

Visible Youth has some handy tips for keeping your skin soft and radiant during the colder season.

Dr. Sam Asculai, Visible Youth‘s Chief Scientist, offers recommendations for keeping your skin healthy whether you’re skiing, taking a brisk walk, or just embracing the cold.

How to take a bath
It’s naturally tempting to soak chilled to the bone bodies in a long hot bath, but if the temperature is too hot or you stay in for too long it can break down lipid barriers, remove natural oils and dehydrate the skin. Regular bathers should aim for no more than 15 minutes in warm, not hot, water. Once out don’t dry off too thoroughly, pat dry your skin then trap the residue water into your skin by applying moisturiser immediately.

Dab don’t rub
Rubbing can pull at your skin and damage your complexion’s fragile structure. Dabbing is not only a relaxing massage technique it increases circulation which can reduce puffiness. Dabbing can also help your skin absorb moisturisers, however the Skin Tech Lab behind Visible Youth™ has made a revolutionary scientific breakthrough transcending absorption. Actives are captured in the optimum weight molecule of hyaluronic acid, measured in kilodaltons, each molecule can penetrate the dermis and reach precisely where it is needed, not too shallow, not too deep.

Acid mantle winter protection
This fragile microbiome is our first protection against dehydration caused by trans epidermal water loss. First advice is to be gentle with your cleansing. Secondly unlike other HA formulas, Visible Youth™ only use pure medical grade hyaluronic acid formulations which are close to the natural pH of your skin, so it is a scientifically proven aid to rebalance and protect the acid mantle.

Winter skincare formulas
Visible Youth™ is powered by Hyoglass™ and delivers winter’s vital rehydrating HA. Each molecule of the pure medical grade HA that Visible Youth uses, carries an amazing 1000 times its own weight of water. Captured within this molecule is a unique skin regenerating biomaterial and also natural actives that tackle specific winter skin threats. For example Visible Youth Multi-Action Eye Serum contains Lupin Seed Extract that stimulates lymph drainage to reduce darkness under your eyes. Visible Youth™ Multi-Peptide Super Serum contains the natural emollient oat lipids. Visible Youth™ Moisture Shield contains Dandelion and White Willow to fight environmental aggressors.

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